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The traditional employer-employee work relationship is changing, brought on in part by the business model of young, innovative firms. This Policy Digest explores the impact of the platform economy on entrepreneurship and provides policy recommendations.
A dearth of firm activity and shortsighted policy choices have weakened true competition, hurting entrepreneurs and weakening our nation’s economic potential. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest outlines three areas where restoring competition would benefit entrepreneurs.
In this recorded webinar, Kauffman Foundation experts share data and insights on how growth entrepreneurship is faring in your city and state and get insights on how to strengthen growth entrepreneurship in your ecosystem.
High-growth firms are a rare phenomenon in entrepreneurship that have a big impact on the economy. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest offers insights on how to create fertile ground for growth.
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation developed the Entrepreneurship Policy Map as a tool to help identify specific public and private policies that matter most to different entrepreneurs and to illustrate a holistic approach to supporting entrepreneurship across various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.
The Entrepreneurship Policy Map focuses on the policy needs of three stages of entrepreneurship: mew business creation, local small business activity, and, growing and high-growth firms.
The Seventh Annual State of Entrepreneurship Address ‘America’s New Entrepreneurial Growth Agenda’ Wednesday, February 17, 2016 National Press Club 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor– Washington, D.C 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address Kauffman Foundation President and CEO, Wendy Guillies Wendy Guillies presented the 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address highlighting an actionable policy agenda for renewing […]