COMETS Codebook

A detailed account of the methodologies used and choices made in building COMETS is found in Lynne G. Zucker, Michael R. Darby and Jason Fong, “Communitywide Database Designs for Tracking Innovation Impact: COMETS, STARS and Nanobank,” Annals of Economics and Statistics (Annales d’Economie et Statistique), Issue 115/116, in press 2014, preprint at National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 17404, revised March 2014, available here.

In complement to this basic source, the codebook contains names and descriptions of the fields in the COMETS data set.

The codebook is organized in three main sections, ordered as follows:

  • Section 1: Patents
  • Section 2: Grants (NSF and NIH)
  • Section 3: Universities

Definitions of codes used in the data can be found in additional tabs in this document. The link in the "Reference Sheet" column of the codebook will go to the tab containing information for that particular field.

SECTION 1 : Patents
Patent number, application and grant dates
patent_citations Patent numbers and grant years of citing and cited patents
patent_cite_counts Number of citations by year
patent_int_classes International patent classes
patent_us_classes US patent classes
patent_abstracts Patent title and abstract
patent_assignees Patent assignee names and addresses
patent_inventors Patent inventor names and addresses
patent_zd_cats Zucker-Darby Science and Technology Area classifications for patents
patent_nano Nanotechnology-related flags for patents through grant year 2005
SECTION 2 : Grants  
grants General grant information
grantee_orgs Receiving organization names and addresses
grant_pis Principle Investigator information
grant_co_pis Co-Investigator information
grant_abstracts Grant title and abstract
grant_zd_cats Zucker-Darby Science and Technology Area classifications for grants
grant_nano Nanotechnology-related flags for grants through 2006
grant_nsf Information specific to NSF grants
grant_nsf_programs NSF programs associated with a grant
grant_nsf_fields NSF fields associated with a grant
grant_nih Information specific to NIH grants
grant_nih_tags Descriptive tags assigned to NIH grants
grant_nih_core_proj_nums Core project numbers for NIH grants
SECTION 3 : Universities  
univ_org_info IPEDS unitid, ZD org_id, BEA_2005
univ_institutional_info IPEDS address information
univ_enrollments Undergraduate and graduate enrollments
univ_degrees Degrees awarded by Zucker-Darby Science and Technology Area classifications
univ_systems University systems table
univ_faculty_extended Faculty data by gender, contract length, and role
univ_system_patents* Patents for university systems
univ_student_demographics Student breakdowns by race and gender