Kauffman Dissertation Fellows

The Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship (KDF) was an annual competitive program that awarded up to 20 Dissertation Fellowship grants of $20,000 each to Ph.D., D.B.A., or other doctoral students at accredited U.S. universities to support dissertations in the area of entrepreneurship from 2003-2018.

From its establishment in 2003, the KDF supported 208 dissertations on various topics related to entrepreneurship from a wide range of disciplines while maintaining an overall high quality of research.

This program helped launch the careers of emerging world-class entrepreneurship scholars, who have gone on to find positions in top-tier universities, research arms of federal agencies, and the private industry, thus laying a foundation for future scientific advancement. The findings generated by this effort will be translated into knowledge with immediate application for policymakers, educators, service providers, and entrepreneurs, as well as high-quality academic research.

The Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship was part of a group of academic recognition programs established by the Kauffman Foundation that were consolidated into the Kauffman Knowledge Challenge starting in 2018.

*Also a Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellow
^Also a Kauffman Prize Medal recipient

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Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Alicia DeSantola Harvard University The Dynamics of New Venture Development: Entrepreneurial Teams, Scaling, & Organizational Change
Stefan Dimitriadis Harvard University
Cultural Dynamics in Entrepreneur Ecosystems: Three Studies of Entrepreneurship in Togo
Justin A. Frake University of Maryland Essays on Awards and Achievement
Benjamin Hyman University of Pennsylvania Essays in Public Economics and International Trade
Karam Jo University of Maryland
Defensive Innovation and (Young) Firm Growth in the U.S.: Impact of Import Competition
Stephanie Georgina Johnson Northwestern University Household Finance and Entrepreneurship
Sina Khoshsokhan Boston University Intellectual Property Rights, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Hyunjin Kim Harvard University
Field Experiments on Digitization, Productivity, and Entrepreneurial Strategy
Kyung Min Lee George Mason University Medicaid and the Supply of Entrepreneurs: Evidence from the Affordable Care Act
Chiara Maggi Northwestern University
Essays on the Macroeconomics of Firm Dynamism and Pro-Business Structural Reforms
Erez Aharon Marantz New York University Property Rights and Entrepreneurship in Mature Industries: The Case of Television 1948-1996
Elizabeth Mishkin Harvard University Essays in Labor Market Inequality
Alessandra Peter Stanford University
Owning Up: Entrepreneurship and Wealth Inequality
Matthew Phillip Staiger University of Maryland
Parental Resources and the Career Choices of Young Workers
Kevin Todd University of California, Berkeley Mergers and Acquisitions and the Labor Market
Joon Young Yoon Stanford University
The Information Economics of Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Jose Maria Barrero Stanford University Entrepreneurs' Beliefs and Firm Behavior: Evidence from the 'Decision Maker Survey'
Enrico Berkes Northwestern University
The Geography, Determinants, and Effects of Innovation
Natalie A. Carlson Cornell University Delineating Social Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Tech Entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa
Jin Woo Chang University of Michigan Three Essays in Employee Mobility (Ch. II: Trying Out Different Workers: Worker Firing, Match Quality, and Growth of 
Small Firms in Germany)
Andrea Contigiani University of Pennsylvania Experimentation in Early-Stage Ventures
Colleen Mary Cunningham Duke University Essays on the Management, Organization, and Geography of Novel Innovation
Matthew Denes
University of Washington When Do Firms Risk Shift? Evidence from Venture Capital
Nuri Ersahin University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Creditor Rights, Entrepreneurship and Productivity
Steven M. Gray Washington University in St. Louis
Exploring the Puzzle of Functional Homophily in New Venture Founding Teams
Jessica S. Jeffers University of Pennsylvania Essays on Labor and Corporate Finance
Hye Young Kang Boston University Essays on Within-Platform Competitive Dynamics
Hyo Kang University of California, Berkeley
Competition, Entrepreneurship, and the Direction of Innovation: Evidence from Collusion Enforcement
J. Daniel Kim Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Essays on Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Organizations: Evidence from Startup Acquisitions
Kate Maxwell Koegel Duke University
Essays in Family Economics
Nicholas Kozeniauskas New York University
Essays in Macroeconomics and International Trade
Joshua Krieger Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Essays on Learning and Strategy in Research and Development
Raviv Murciano-Goroff Stanford University
Essays in the Economics of Technology and Innovation
Weiyi Ng University of California, Berkeley
On Experience and Enterprise: Careers, Organizations and Entrepreneurship
Alessandro Piazza Columbia University
Essays on Angel Investing in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Alexandrea J. Ravenelle City University of New York
The New Entrepreneur: Worker Experiences in the Sharing Economy
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Michael Andrews University of Iowa Fuel of Interest and Fire of Genius: Essays on the Economic History of Innovation
Sofia Bapna University of Minnesota
Entrepreneurship and Digital Communities: Harnessing Legitimacy and Resources
Jaebeum Cho Cornell University Cities as Complex Systems: Social Interactions, Agglomeration, and Economic Growth
Joonkyu Choi University of Maryland Endogenous Risk Taking and Young Business Dynamics
Emanuele Colonnelli Stanford University Essays on Entrepreneurship and Firm Dynamics in Emerging Markets
Eliana Crosina Boston College Becoming an Entrepreneur
Tünde Cserpes
University of Illinois at Chicago From Relationship Asymmetry to Market: Spatial and Organizational Dynamics in Beer Wholesaling 
Daniel Davis University of California, San Diego
The Ventured Student: Impacts of University Startup Culture
Jake B. Grandy University of Southern California
Essays in Non-Market Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Jorge Guzman Massachusetts Institute of Technology Three Essays on Entrepreneurial Quality
Erik Hovenkamp Northwestern University Essays on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Intellectual Property
Xavier Jaravel Harvard Business School Essays on the Economics of Innovation
Jacqueline (Jax) Kirtley Boston University How Strategy Evolves in Entrepreneurial Nascent Technology Firms
Rembrand Koning Stanford University Field Experiments in Networks, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from a Startup Bootcamp
Kyle R. Myers University of Pennsylvania
Three Essays on the Costs of Inducing Innovation
Daniel M. Olson University of Maryland Employee Mobility, Employee Entrepreneurship, and Employee Value Capture: Labor Market Frictions and the Impact of Social Comparison Costs on Compensation
Meredith Lundberg Startz Yale University The Value of Face-to-Face: Search and Contracting Problems in Nigerian Trade
Andy Wu University of Pennsylvania Organizational Resource Assembly in Technology Ventures
Xin (Power) Xue University of Virginia Essays on Agency Costs of Financial Intermediation
Qianqian Yu Boston College Do Venture Capital-Driven Top Management Changes Enhance Corporate Innovation in Private Firms?
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Sebastian Dyrda  University of Minnesota Fluctuations in Uncertainty, Efficient Borrowing Constraints and Firm Dynamics
Daniel Fehder Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on the Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Programs
Daniel Garcia-Macia Stanford University Financial Crises, Firms' Innovation and the Macroeconomy
Julia Garlick Yale University Essays on Development Economics
Michela Giorcelli Stanford University Economic Recovery and the Determinants of Productivity and innovation: Evidence from Post-WWII Italy
Lucy Y. Hu University of California, Berkeley What is the Crowd Worth? The Role of Peer Effects in Crowdfunding
Yujin Kim University of California, Berkeley Essays on Innovation and Technology Commercialization
Sara Moreira University of Chicago Firm Dynamics, Persistent Effects of Entry Conditions, and Business Cycles
Christian Moser Princeton University Essays in the Economics of Inequality
Abhishek Nagaraj Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on the Impact of Digital Information on Innovation
Megha Patnaik Stanford University Essays in Firm Performance with Macroeconomic Implications
Briana Sell Stenard Georgia Institute of Technology Human Capital and the Entrepreneurial Careers of Scientists and Engineers
Yufei Wu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on Health Economics
Sandy Yu New York University The Impact of Accelerators on High-Technology Ventures
Oren Ziv Harvard University Essays in Economic Geography
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
James Bailey Temple University Health Insurance and the Supply of Entrepreneurs: New Evidence from the Affordable Care Act's Dependent Coverage Mandage
Vanessa Beary Harvard University Persistent Gender Gaps in Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Intentions, and Actions: The Effects of a Youth Entrepreneurship Education Program in Khujand, Tajikistan
Sean Carr University of Virginia Collective Action and the Financing of Innovation: Evidence from Crowdfunding
Bo Cowgill* University of California, Berkeley Essays on the Economics of Organizations, Productivity and Labor
G. Christopher Crawford University of Louisville Causes of Extreme Outcomes in Entrepreneurship: Expectations, Endowments, Engagement, and Environments
Daphne Demetry Northwestern University Episodic Organizations: Pop-up and Underground Restaurants and the Temporality of Organizational Life
Laura Doering University of Chicago The Social Determinants of Economic Growth: Microenterprise and Microfinance in Latin America
Shweta Gaonkar University of Maryland The Strategic Networks and Performance of Entrepreneurial Firms: Impact of Pre-Founding Ties
Manuel Hermosilla Northwestern University Development and Commercialization Strategies for New Technologies: Essays on Biotech Innovation
Lara Loewenstein Brandeis University Home Equity and Small Business Finance
Jamie McCasland University of California, Berkeley Essays in Development Economics: Lessons from an Apprentice Placement Program in Ghana
Neil R. Mehrotra Columbia University Financial Frictions and Job Creation in the Great Recession
Russel Nelson University of California, Irvine Dynamic Network Models for the Analysis of Cooperation and Competition in New Markets
Amy Nguyen-Chyung University of California, Berkeley How Entrepreneurial Do You Choose to Be? Talent, Risk Attitudes, Overconfidence and Self-Selection into Entrepreneurship
Adam Osman Yale University Occupational Choice under Credit and Information Constraints
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Mabel L. Abraham Massachusetts Institute of Technology Understanding the Conditions of Bias: Essays on Gender Differences in Evaluation Outcomes across Three Empirical Contexts
Seth Carnahan* University of Maryland Employee Departure from Organizations: Three Essays
Edward J. Egan University of California, Berkeley The Economics of Patent Citations: Startup Commercialization Strategy, Value, and Success
Erik P. Gilje* Boston College Does Local Access to Finance Matter? Evidence from U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Shale Booms
Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe Columbia University Venture Capital and Innovation
William Walker Hanlon Columbia University Innovation and Industry Development: Lessons from the British Cotton Textile Industry During the U.S. Civil War
Nahoko Kameo University of California, Los Angeles >Changes in Academic Entrepreneurship Among Japanese University Bioscientists, 1980-2012
Lauren E. Lanahan University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Multilevel Innovation Policy Mix: Three Essays on State SBIR Matching Programs
Mahka Moeen* University of Maryland Reconfiguration Strategies, Entrepreneurial Entry and Incubation of Nascent Industries: Three Essays
Vincenzo Palermo Georgia Institute of Technology Essays on Markets for Technology: The Role of Licensing as a Complementary Strategy to Internal R&D
Pian Shu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on Innovation, Productivity, and Talent Allocation
Dan Jun Wang* Stanford University Reversing the brain drain? Skilled return migration and the global movement of expert knowledge
Tiantian Yang* University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill How Do Organizations Shape Entrepreneurship? Explaining Employee Entrepreneurs' Entry and Performance
Marek Zapletal University of Michigan Three Essays on Regulation and Entrepreneurship
Bo Zhao University of Michigan The Effects of State Innovation Programs on Entrepreneurial Firms: Three Essays
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Lakshmi Balachandra Boston College Pitching Trustworthiness: Cues for Trust in Early-Stage Investment Decision-Making
Shai Bernstein* Harvard University Essays in Entrepreneurial Finance
Michaël A. Bikard Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on the Production and Commercialization of New Scientific Knowledge
Jonathan Goldberg Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on Macroeconomics and Corporate Finance
Mitchell Hoffman University of California, Berkeley Essays in Applied Microeconomics
Mauricio Larrain University of California, Berkeley Understanding Misallocation: The Importance of Financial Constraints
Huyen T. Curtis University of Notre Dame Essays on Dynamic Competition and Academic Entrepreneurship
Bogdan Prokopovych University of Rhode Island Three Essays on the Creation of New Markets for Sustainable Technologies and Services
Benjamin Wild Pugsley* University of Chicago Essays on Small Business
Olga Rostapshova Harvard University Pushing a Troika of Development: Promoting Investment, Curbing Corruption, and Enhancing Public Good Provision
Erin L. Scott Washington University in St. Louis The Impact of Regulation on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Christopher Stanton Stanford University Essays in Applied Economics: Entrepreneurship Through Online Outsourcing
Ishani Tewari Brown University Regulation, Scale, and Growth: Evidence from the United States and India
Xiahua (Anny) Wei University of California, San Diego Consumer Switching and Competition Strategy in IT-enabled Markets
Wen Wen Georgia Institute of Technology The Implications of Incumbent Intellectual Property Strategies for Open Source Software Adoption and Commercialization
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Marnix Amand Yale University Three Essays in Macroeconomics: Wealth Taxation and Entrepreneurship
W. Chad Carlos Cornell University From Surgeries to Startups: How Institutions Shape Entrepreneurial Activity in the Field of Health Care
Emily Choi University of California, Berkeley Organizational Identity and Interorganizational Alliances
Kellilynn Frias University of Arizona Three Essays on Product Form Choice
Naomi Hausman Harvard University Essays in Entrepreneurship and Public Economics
Peng Huang Georgia Institute of Technology Essays on Innovation Ecosystems in the Enterprise Software Industry
Amol Joshi* University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Entrepreneurial Discovery and Information Complexity in Knowledge-Intensive Industries
David Kryscynski Emory University The Strategic Implications of Firm-Specific Incentives
Xiaoyang Li University of Michigan Essays in Corporate Finance and Labor Economics
Hong Luo New York University Markets for Ideas: Theory and Evidence from the Movie Industry
Rory McDonald* Stanford University Competition and Strategic Interaction in New Markets
Sarada University of California, San Diego Essays in Entrepreneurship
Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato* University of California, Berkeley Essays in Public Economics
Rodrigo Wagner Harvard University Macroeconomic Recovery, Export Innovation and the Coordination of Entrepreneurs in the Global Economy
Rukiye Isil Yavuz University of Minnesota The "Outsider" Entrepreneurs: The Role of Founders' Immigrant Status in the Internationalization and Performance of High Technology New Ventures
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Javed Ahmed University of California, Berkeley Essays on Financial Intermediation
Nachiket Bhawe University of Minnesota Does the Order of Partner Selection Matter? Evidence from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
Meg Blume-Kohout RAND Pardee Graduate School Essays on Government Policy and Pharmaceutical Innovation
Ian M. Breunig Colorado State University Three Essays on Health and Labor Outcomes
Gharad Bryan Yale University Essays on Development Economics
Martin Ganco* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Effect of Technological Complexity on Innovation Performance, Employee Entrepreneurship and Mobility: Three Essays
Deepak Hegde* University of California, Berkeley Essays on Institutions and Innovation
Shon R. Hiatt* Cornell University Institutional Actors and Entrepreneurial Choices: New Ventures in the Biodiesel Fuel Industry
Mingfeng Lin University of Maryland Decisions Under Uncertainty in Decentralized Online Markets: Empirical Studies of Peer-To-Peer Lending and Outsourcing
Kathleen Marker University of California, San Diego The Role of Religion and Ethnicity in an Arab American Economy
Jason M. O'Connor Northwestern University Essays on Estimating Policy Effects in Science-Based Industries
Emily Cox Pahnke
Stanford University
Funding Innovation in Young Firms: The Case of Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices
Lori Santikian Harvard University The Ties That Bind: Bank Relationships and Small Business Lending
Edward Smith University of Chicago Amplified Interfaces: Essays on Organizational Identity and the Sociology of Hedge Funds
Margarita Tsoutsoura Columbia University The Effect of Succession Taxes on Family Firm Investment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
David F. Benson University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Corporate Venture Capital and the Acquisition of Entrepreneurial Firms
Brian J. Broughman University of California, Berkeley Opportunistic Conduct and Governance Structure in Startup Firms
Michael Ciuchta University of Wisconsin - Madison The Impact of Organizational Identity on Learning from Initial Experiences
Jason Greenberg* Massachusetts Institute of Technology Three Essays on Social Networks and Entrepreneurship
Christopher Hayter George Washington University The Open Innovation Imperative: Perspectives on Success From Faculty Entrepreneurs
Christopher Liu Harvard University Essays on Network Antecedents in a Knowledge Production Context
Matt Marx* Harvard University Essays on Employee Non-compete Agreements
Naranchimeg Mijid Colorado State University Gender, Race, and Credit Rationing of Small Businesses: Empirical Evidence from the 2003 Survey of Small Business Finances
Shane Moser University of Kansas Does Diversity Among Co-investing Venture Capital Firms add Value for Entrepreneurial Companies?
Romel Mostafa Carnegie Mellon University Economic Growth One Industry at a Time: Entrepreneurship in the Bangladesh Garment Industry
Yongwook Paik University of California at Berkeley Serial Entrepreneurs and New Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Venture-backed Semiconductor Firms
Kelly Patterson Cornell University Impression Management and Reputation Defense in 19th Century Credit Rating
Anna Levine Taub Stanford University Understanding Incentives in Health Care
Sarah Thébaud* Cornell University Institutions, Cultural Beliefs and the Maintenance of Gender Inequality in Entrepreneurship Across Industrialized Nations
Yanbo Wang Massachusetts Institute of Technology Riding the Dragon: Entrepreneurship Under Market Transition
Erez Yoeli University of Chicago Does Social Approval Stimulate Prosocial Behavior? Evidence from a Field Experiment in the Residential Electricity Market
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Pao-Lien Chen University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign The Performance Implications of the Evolution of Managerial Capabilities in the Context of Industry Evolution
Joshua M. Drucker University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Regional Dominance and Industrial Success: A Productivity-Based Analysis
Charles E. Eesley Massachusetts Institute of Technology Entrepreneurial Ventures from Technology-Based Universities: a Cross-National Comparison
Andrew M. Hess Georgia Institute of Technology Essays on Dynamic Capabilities: The Role of Intellectual Human Capital on Firm Innovation
Adam M. Kleinbaum Harvard University The Social Structure of Organization: Coordination in a Large, Multi-Business Firm
Karthik Krishnan Boston College How does Venture Capital Financing Improve Efficiency in Private Firms? A Look Beneath the Surface
Marlena I. Lee University of Chicago Do Employers Value Entrepreneurial Human Capital? An empirical study of post-self-employment wages
Jake Messersmith University of Kansas Transforming Caterpillars into Butterflies: The Role of Managerial Values and HR Systems in the Performance of Emergent Organizations
Ethan Mollick* Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays on Individuals and Organizations
Christina Moon Yale University Material Intimacies: The Labor of Creativity in the Global Fashion Industry
Eric J. Neuman University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Public Policy and Entrepreneurship: The Development of the Competitive Local Telephone Service Industry
Sangchan Park Cornell University Is Legitimacy Contagious? The Collective Legitimation of Alternative Therapies in the U.S. Hospital Industry
Elaine C. Rideout North Carolina State University Bounded Rationality and the Supply Side of Entrepreneurship: Evaluating Technology Entrepreneurship Education for Economic Impact
Christopher I. Rider* University of California, Berkeley Network Positions and Processes: Evidence from U.S. Private Equity
Ting Zhang George Mason University It's Never Too Late: Elderly Entrepreneurship in the Aging Economy
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Jurgita Baltrušaityté-Axelson University of Illinois - Chicago The Opportunity Recognition Process, New Business Start-Up Motivators and Outcomes: The Real Options Approach
Sandip Basu University of Washington Corporate Venture Capital: Towards Understanding Who Does It, Why and How
Ola Bengtsson University of Chicago Repeated Relationships between Founders and Venture Capitalists
Amy E. Davis University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill More (or Less) than the Sums of their Parts? Status, Teams, and Entrepreneurial Outcomes
Benjamin L. Hallen Stanford University The Origin of the Network Positions of New Organizations: How Entrepreneurs Raise Funds
Poonam Khanna University of Texas - Austin The Downside of Repeated Ties: Syndicated Venture Capital Investments
Adriana Kocornik-Mina George Mason University Effects of Space on Inter-State Growth Dynamics and Income Disparities in India - Modeling the Simultaneous Growth of a System of Spatial Units
Elena Loutskina Boston College How Do Corporate Venture Capitalists Create Value For Entrepreneurial Firms?
Yang Lu New York University Networking as a Barrier to Entry and the Competitive Supply of Venture Capital
Denisa Mindruta University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Markets For Research: A Matching Approach to University-Industry Research Collaborations
Ramana Nanda*^ Massachusetts Institute of Technology Essays in Entrepreneurial Finance
Evan Rawley University of California, Berkeley Organization and Performance: Evidence from Microdata
Nikolai Roussanov University of Chicago Diversification and its Discontents: Idiosyncratic and Entrepreneurial Risk in the Quest for Social Status
Henry Sauermann* Duke University Individual Incentives as Drivers of Innovative Processes and Performance
Jifeng Yu Georgia State University Network Effects on New Venture Internationalization: A Network-Knowledge Framework
Juita-Elena (Wie) Yusuf University of Kentucky The Effectiveness of Entrepreneurial Start-Up Assistance Programs: Evidence from the U.S. Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Aaron Kumar Chatterji* University of California, Berkeley Empirical Essays on Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility
Tami Gurley-Calvez University of Tennessee - Knoxville Tax Policies and Entrepreneurship: Relative Tax Rates and Health Insurance Deductibility
Shan He Boston College Three Essays in Corporate Finance
Brandon H. Lee Cornell University Cultivating the Niche: A Study of the Origins and Consequences of Standards-Based Certification Organizations in the U.S. Organic Food Industry
Matt Marvel University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign A Knowledge-Based View of the Venture Creation Process: How Technology Entrepreneurs Mix Knowledge to Create Radical Innovations
Maija Renko Florida International University The Role of Market Knowledge in Recognizing and Exploiting Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Technology Intensive Firms
Henry Renski University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill An Investigation of the Industrial Ecology of Business Start-up Survival
Carlos Emiliano Salinas Harvard University Political and Social Roots of Economic Vices and Virtues: Evidence from Mexico
Krishnamurthy Subramanian University of Chicago Boundary Decisions and Financing Choices in Human Capital Intensive Firms: Theory and Evidence
Yinghong (Susan) Wei University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Market Orientation and Successful New Product Innovation: The Role of Competency Traps
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Michael J. Fern University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Towards a Dynamic Model of Founding: Unlocking the Origins of Organizational Variation
Richard John Gentry University of Florida Aspiration and Real Options: A Behavioral Theory of Strategic Decision Making
Brett Anitra Gilbert* Indiana University The Implications of Geographic Cluster Locations for New Venture Performance
Denis Grégoire University of Colorado Opportunity Acknowledgement as a Cognitive Process of Pattern Recognition and Structural Alignment
Sean M. Hackett Vanderbilt University Real Options and the Option to Incubate: An Exploratory Study of the Process of Business Incubation
Justin Marion University of Chicago Costs and Benefits of Affirmative Action in California Government Contracting
Jeff D. Rosenberger Stanford University The Flip Side of the Coin: Nascent Technology Ventures and Corporate Venture Funding
Jennifer M. Sequeira University of Texas - Arlington The Effect of Network Ties and Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy on Immigrant New Venture Intentions
Marco Tortoriello Carnegie Mellon University The Social Underpinnings of Absorptive Capacity: External Knowledge, Social Networks, and Individual Innovativeness
Geraldine A. Wu Columbia University The Interdependence of Organizational Knowledge and Financing: Studies of Technological Innovation, Learning, and Corporate Restructuring in U.S. Medical Device Ventures
Name Degree Institution Dissertation Title
Kenneth Andrew Colwell University of Oregon The Structure of Alliance Networks in Nascent Organizational Fields: The Case of Nanotechnology
Waverly W. Ding* University of Chicago Four Essays on the Formation and Evolution of U.S. Biotechnology Companies
Benedict Kemmerer University of Kansas Individual Cognition and the Resource-Based View: Investigating the Way Entrepreneurs Conceptualize, Categorize, and Judge Resources
Elaine L. Krumpelman-Farmer University of Missouri - Columbia The Investment Horizon Issue in User-Owned Organizations
Mark H. Liu Boston College How Should Entrepreneurs Sell Equity in Initial Public Offerings? Fixed-Price Offerings Versus IPO Auctions: Three Essays in Corporate Finance
Jeffery S. McMullen University of Colorado - Boulder Entrepreneurial Decision Making and The Firm's Propensity for Novel Action: A Regulatory Focus Perspective
Michael D. Meeks University of Colorado - Boulder Antecedents to the Entrepreneurial Decision: An Empirical Analysis of Three Predictive Models
Andrew Mongar Temple University A Knowledge Based Model of Cooperation for Smaller Firms: Lessons From Chinese and US Comparisons
Kelley A. Packalen Stanford University You Can't Leave Your Past Behind: The Influence of Founders' Career Histories on their Firms
M. Julia Prats Harvard University The Entrepreneurial Boom and Bust Phenomenon Sustaining Superior Performance through a Boom and Bust Cycle: Inter-Firm Differences
Mina Yoo University of Michigan Social Networks and Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley