Entrepreneur Demographics

Taking a close look at subsets of entrepreneurs according to gender, age, ethnicity, location, industry and background offers an essential view of how a population's characteristics and makeup influence its success.

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat | Starting Up: What You Need to Know

03/31/15 - 03/31/15 Join Kauffman Founders School and the U.S. Small Business Administration to discuss tools, resources, and opportunities available to budding entrepreneurs.

Kauffman Sketchbook - "Cracking the Code"

03/18/15 Amy Wilkinson, author of "The Creator's Code," describes key characteristics of today’s leading entrepreneurs.

The Gender Stereotypes of Entrepreneurship

03/13/15 Kauffman researchers examine recent work by Sarah Thébaud on gender stereotypes in entrepreneurship.

5 SXSW Interactive Sessions Entrepreneurs, Researchers & Academics Must Attend

03/11/15 Kauffman Foundation researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh names the top five sessions you won’t want to miss at this year’s SXSW Interactive festival.

A Reflection of Entrepreneurs in Pop Culture: The Celebritization of Entrepreneurs

02/26/15 Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh explores the current entrepreneurship zeitgist and its potential implications on potential and young entrepreneurs.

Aging and Rising Generations May Be the Future of Entrepreneurship, According to Latest Kauffman Policy Digest

02/25/15 According to a new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest, the two biggest demographic developments in America today—the aging of boomers and the maturation of millennials—could have a positive influence on the economy if public policy helps them reach their entrepreneurial potential.

Demographic Trends Will Shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

02/25/15 Changing demographic trends are altering the American economic landscape in ways that will affect the economy for years to come. The aging of Boomers and the emergence of Millennials are two of the biggest demographic developments in America today.

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat: Millennials and the Next Wave of Entrepreneurship

02/24/15 - 02/24/15 Join @KauffmanFS and special guest @SBAgov on Twitter as we discuss opportunities and challenges for Millennial entrepreneurs.

Access to Credit Remains a Challenge for Entrepreneurs Despite Improving Economy

02/23/15 Annual Kauffman Foundation/LegalZoom survey of startup owners reveals an increasingly favorable entrepreneurial environment even with lingering credit issues

2015 State of Entrepreneurship Address

02/17/15 The future of entrepreneurship was the theme of the Kauffman Foundation's 2015 State of Entrepreneurship Address on Feb. 11, 2015, with a focus on two of the most significant demographic shifts in America today: the emergence of millennials in the workforce and aging of baby boomers.