Entrepreneur Demographics

Taking a close look at subsets of entrepreneurs according to gender, age, ethnicity, location, industry and background offers an essential view of how a population's characteristics and makeup influence its success.

On Inc: Women Founders Benefit from Crowdfunding

12/19/14 Alicia Robb, Kauffman Foundation senior fellow, discusses success stories of women who have used crowdfunding, elements to be wary of, and the benefits of crowdfunding for women entrepreneurs, especially those in male-dominated industries.

Customizing Founder: Training Something for Everyone

An Interview with Sheila A. Mixon, Senior Vice President, Greater Cincinnati Urban League.

On Forbes: Casting the Spotlight on Successful Women Entrepreneurs

12/11/14 Kauffman Foundation Senior Fellow Alicia Robb features recent success stories in Boulder, Colorado, and highlights promising programs that seek to close the large, persistent gender gap in venture capital funding.

Bringing Together the “Tucked” and “Untucked” Shirts

12/01/14 Each year, Global Entrepreneurship Week brings new insights and learnings for those of us trying to better understand entrepreneurialism and how policymakers can best foster it. This year, we closed with a view of the value it brings to orderly governments witnessing the productivity of a creative and messy class of entrepreneurs.

Is the Lean Startup Movement Still a Startup?

11/24/14 Kauffman Foundation research analyst Arnobio Morelix details the life cycle of the Lean Startup Movement.

Women's Entrepreneurship Has Potential to Create Tailwind for U.S. Economic Growth

11/19/14 The future of American growth is in the hands of women, says a new Kauffman Foundation study released on Women's Entrepreneurship Day during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Sources of Economic Hope: Women's Entrepreneurship

11/19/14 This new paper suggests that accelerating female entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect on the U.S. economy that the large-scale entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century.

On Forbes: Narrowing the Gender Gap in the VC World

11/12/14 In this Forbes.com article, Alicia Robb, senior fellow, offers insights and experiences from women tech entrepreneurs on the key challenge of funding.

New Kauffman ‘Thoughtbook’ Explores Ideas That Drive Progress through Education, Entrepreneurship

11/12/14 First-time digital format features dozens of essays, interviews, photos and videos by Foundation leaders, associates and experts engaged in areas related to Kauffman’s mission

Kauffman Foundation Economists Revive Two Popular Blogs

11/06/14 After a hiatus to refresh content and direction, the Kauffman Foundation is re-launching the "Data Maven" and "Growthology" blogs that explore entrepreneurship and education trends and research.