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PDE’s Last Call

Today is the final day that we publish the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship. As noted over the past few editions, the Kauffman Foundation will be consolidating its blog repertoire and those of us who write and contribute will be re-directing our thought pieces to updated platforms, including Kauffman’s own Growthology. 

Why Competition Matters

Entrepreneurship and competition are inextricably linked. What specific areas can improved policy around competition boost entrepreneurship?

What the Changing Nature of Work Means for Entrepreneurship

The traditional employer-employee work relationship is changing, brought on in part by the business model of young, innovative firms. This Policy Digest explores the impact of the platform economy on entrepreneurship and provides policy recommendations.

Looking Back on 15 Popular PDE Posts

Next week, we will wrap up our last official edition of the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship with a look back to when it began and how it evolved through the years – and then the discussion shifts to Growthology. Since PDE launched, thousands of posts have been delivered to millions of inboxes, covering a wide range of topics and policy areas at all levels – local, state/regional, national and even global.

Women Drive Startup Activity Higher for Second Straight Year

Key measures of new business creation in the United States point upward for the second year in a row, according to the 2016 Kauffman Index of Startup Activity, released late last week. The Startup Activity Index, a key annual indicator of new business creation, rose to 0.38 in 2016 – going up for the second year in a row – a mere two years after plunging to its lowest level in two decades.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Summer Recess

All of the confetti has been swept from the convention floors and members of Congress are back in their home districts for summer recess. With the general election looming, that recess will be full of campaign appearances and other chances to connect with constituents -- meaning that Washington, DC, will be a bit of a ghost town for August. Members will return to the nation's capital in early September after Labor Day weekend.

Promises and Challenges of Digital Disruption

One of the great drivers of innovation today is the promise of digital disruption of complex and regulated industries. Digital disruption is not only behind the public sector’s move toward open government and open data, but is also the rise of civic-centered startups that are changing the rules of the game for traditional industries. It is time for a new wave of policymaking that anticipates a whole new set of issues for policymakers.

Testimonial on the Future of Entrepreneurship Before the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research and Policy Dane Stangler addressed members of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship about the future of American entrepreneurship.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Summer Recess, Conventions and Campaigning (Part 2)

Congress has adjourned for a two-month recess that will be filled with campaigning ahead of the general election in November. Members have left Washington for their home districts -- and the Republican National Convention is already behind us. This week, attention turns to Philadelphia and the beginning of the Democratic National Convention.

Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Shifting to Growthology Exploring Entrepreneurship Research

Since 2003, the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship has landed in the inboxes of tens of thousands of subscribers each week, tracking the pulse of public policies and programs aimed at helping entrepreneurs and stimulating economic growth. During that time, not only has interest from policymakers and thought leaders increased significantly, but the discussions among them have evolved as well.