Entrepreneurship Policy

Policy principles and protocols can help pave the way for entrepreneurs to move forward or hamper their ability to establish their business, grow and prosper.

Policy Innovations to Promote Immigrant Entrepreneurship

01/26/15 The issue of immigration reform continues to simmer as policymakers look for common ground on discussions such as improvements to the existing visa system and enhanced border security. Recently, a Wall Street Journal article referenced a report that showed an increase in the number of immigrant entrepreneurs running "Main Street businesses."
However, according to a new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest released last week by the Kauffman Foundation that summarizes several current immigration policy ideas, it remains difficult for immigrants to bring their entrepreneurial ideas to reality in America.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: CBO Releases Updated Economic Outlook

01/26/15 While several committees are holding their organizational meetings this week—including the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, a number have started to hold and schedule hearings. Following up on the Congressional Budget Office report to be released today, CBO director Douglas Elmendorf makes separate appearances before the House and Senate Budget Committees to outline the CBO budget and economic outlook. Other topics covered by hearings include: regulatory flexibility for small businesses, economic support for military veterans, super computing, cyber-threats and data breaches.

New Kauffman Policy Digest Highlights Immigration Policy Innovations at the Federal, State and Local Levels

01/22/15 A Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship Policy Digest looks at policy ideas at the federal, state and local levels for how to capture the economic benefits and growth that come from entrepreneurial immigrants.

On Real Clear Markets: It’s Time to Revive U.S. Entrepreneurship

01/14/15 Kauffman Foundation Vice President of Research & Policy Dane Stangler explains why the U.S. needs an entrepreneurial renewal and offers four things policymakers can do to help lead the way.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Committees Getting Organized

01/12/15 Last week marked the official beginning of the 114th Congress. This week, a number of committees hold organizational meetings to determine subcommittee structure and assignments as well as adopt rules that dictate the formal procedures the committee follows. Once these are determined, committee will begin holding hearings on a regular basis. One hearing slated to take place on the House side this week is in the Ways and Means Committee, now led by Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) who moves over from his role as chair of the House Budget Committee in the 113th Congress. The hearing "will be focused on the state of the U.S. economy and policies that can promote job creation and economic growth."

South Dakota Tops List of State Policy Environments for Entrepreneurs

01/12/15 When asked what policymakers can do most for entrepreneurs, sometimes the response has been "get out of the way." That seems to be the overarching message of the latest report from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council. The report, Small Business Policy Index 2014: Ranking the States on Policy Measures and Costs Impacting Small Business and Entrepreneurship, tracks 42 measures with 33 of them pertaining to taxes and regulations--the fewer, the better.

Mapping Our Future

At the Kauffman Foundation, we know that if our work is to make any difference, we must start by looking within.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: 114th Congress Begins

01/05/15 Today, members of Congress return to Washington--or in some cases, move in for the first time. The 114th Congress will formally be sworn in tomorrow and bring in a much-discussed Republican majority to the Senate while strengthening its hold on the House. Between the formal swearing in ceremony and some housekeeping issues, there aren't many committee hearings anticipated (a full schedule for the House has yet to be released). Currently, there is only one committee hearing scheduled with the Senate Energy Committee taking up the Keystone XL Pipeline on Wednesday.

Kauffman's Trending Topics in 2014: Entrepreneurship Education, Startup Ecosystems, K-12 Teacher Development and Baseball

12/16/14 2014 has been another year of prolific online content distribution for the Kauffman Foundation, which annually assesses what topics net the most attention as one way to gauge priorities among its entrepreneurship and youth education audiences.

Entrepreneurship Starts at Home: How Research Can Inform Policy

Kauffman research is increasingly pointing to the importance of location to entrepreneurship.