Entrepreneurship Policy

Policy principles and protocols can help pave the way for entrepreneurs to move forward or hamper their ability to establish their business, grow and prosper.

Kansas City Fed Establishes Census Research Data Center

10/15/14 The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, as part of a consortium consisting of the Kauffman Foundation, the University of Kansas, the University of Kansas Medical Center, the University of Missouri and the University of Missouri-Kansas City, announces the establishment of a new research data center (RDC) that will provide researchers with access to high-quality data for analysis of the U.S. economy and public policy issues.

Pritzker Announces New NACIE Members

10/13/14 U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker recently announced the 27 new members of the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Council will serve as a vehicle for ongoing dialogue with the entrepreneurship and workforce development communities, including working with business and trade associations.

The Importance of Young Firms for Economic Growth

09/29/14 The latest Entrepreneurship Policy Digest from the Kauffman Foundation revisits the debate of the age of a business vs. its size when it comes to job-creating power. According to the digest released last week, new businesses account for nearly all net new job creation and almost 20 percent of gross job creation.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy

09/29/14 Yesterday morning on ABC's "This Week," Speaker of the House John Boehner expressed a willingness to call Congress back to Washington to debate war against ISIS. However, the House and Senate are still in recess so that members can campaign just before the midterm elections.

Young Firms Drive Job Growth, According to New Kauffman Policy Digest

09/25/14 Digest says new companies are primary source of job creation in American economy and offers policymakers strategies for igniting entrepreneurship.

The Importance of Young Firms for Economic Growth

09/25/14 When it comes to job-creating power, it is not the size of the business that matters as much as it is the age.

Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship Blog Expands to Provide More In-Depth Analysis, Thought Leadership Insights

09/22/14 The Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship (PDE) blog, has launched a redesigned and expanded site at a new address to strengthen its focus on providing information and analysis of policies and initiatives that drive innovation and economic growth.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy

09/22/14 Capitol Hill promises to be fairly quiet for the next two months. Last week, lawmakers passed a $1.01 trillion continuing resolution to temporarily avoid a repeat of last October’s government shutdown by funding agencies at their current spending levels through Dec. 11. Following that, members of the House and Senate left Washington earlier than scheduled to get a head start on the final stretch of campaigning before the midterm elections.

PDE 2.0: Expanded Viewpoints and Coverage of State and Local Policy

09/22/14 We are pleased to welcome you to the new and expanded Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship, hosted by the Kauffman Foundation and the Public Forum Institute, where we will bring you greater depth and analysis with access to more thought leadership.

An Entrepreneurial Renaissance

09/22/14 Congressman Steve Chabot of Ohio talks about how federal policies could clear the way for an entrepreneurial renaissance in America -- looking at access to capital, talent and approaches to remove barrier to entrepreneurship.