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Small Business Owners Want Training, Simplified Regulatory Compliance from Government

Is your state considered ‘friendly’ to small business? Entrepreneurs in Texas, Utah and New Hampshire gave high marks to their states – while California, Illinois and Rhode Island scored lowest.

Google to Alphabet, Acqui-hires, and Occupational Licensing

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson summarizes some excellent pieces on the different kinds of acqui-hires, the Google to Alphabet bet, and the White House's focus on the effects of occupational licensing

Improving the Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Policy Through Rigorous, Relevant Research

By aligning agendas and promoting shared methodologies, the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) is encouraging rigorous, relevant research aimed at improving outcomes from entrepreneurship policy and programs.

Obama Makes Presidential Innovation Fellows Program Permanent

President Barack Obama just signed an executive order that makes the Presidential Innovation Fellows program a permanent part of the federal government. Established by the White House in 2012, the program brings entrepreneurs and other innovators to Washington DC for a 12-month stint to work alongside government employees in improving federal programs.

Deconstructing Job Creation from Startups

Last month, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released a thoughtful new working paper, "Cross-country evidence on start-up dynamics", that showed patterns across countries that are similar to those found for the United States. The report offers important insights for researchers and policy makers fine-tuning how to measure the dynamics of new firm formation.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: August Recess in Full Force

Last week ended with the Senate postponing a vote on the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act, pushing back a vote until Congress reconvenes in September following the Labor Day weekend.

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Senate to Focus on Cybersecurity Bill

With members of the House of Representatives already back home enjoying their August recess, the Senate has a few more days left in session in Washington. It is widely expected to push forward the Cyber-Information Sharing Act (CISA -- S.754) as quickly as possible but with members of both parties lining up with amendments to the bill, time is of the essence.

A Rising Tide for Cybersecurity Regulation & Entrepreneurs

Reacting to the shockwaves that recent data breaches sent through government, businesses and individuals, the United States Congress has held a large number of committee hearings on cybersecurity and privacy. These regulatory deliberations and expected regulatory changes, combined with the major losses inflicted on large companies and institutions, are driving entrepreneurs and investors to help meet the demand for data protection.

Making Entrepreneurial Growth Vibrant Again

Kauffman Foundation Director of Research and Policy E.J. Reedy addresses members of the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the role of entrepreneurship in creating economic opportunities for Americans.

Job Creation & the Economy: 5 Ways to Foster Growth

E.J. Reedy, a director in Research & Policy, addresses the House of Representatives to discuss several areas of federal policy that can strengthen entrepreneurial growth.