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Entrepreneurship and the American Idea

Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores the idea of entrepreneurship and the American Idea, in preparation for our celebration of 250 years of innovation in the U.S.

A Billion Reasons to Encourage Immigrant Startups

Two recent studies emphasize the need for an update of current immigration policy.

Entrepreneurship Can Give the Country a New Start

Find out more about what the New Entrepreneurial Growth agenda has to say about immigration and entrepreneurship.

The 2016 State of Entrepreneurship Address in 21 Tweets

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix shares themes from the State of Entrepreneurship in America Address through tweets

Does the Shortage of H-1B Visas Hinder Startup Growth?

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch explores immigration challenges facing startups, particularly the shortage of H-1B visas.

Putting Out the Welcome Mat

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson explores ways cities can add action to their welcoming attitude towards immigrants

The Economic Case for Welcoming Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Learn how strategies for how a “startup visa” would allow immigrants to start businesses in the United States after satisfying certain funding, employment, and other requirements.

Trust and Entrepreneurship: A Presentation by Martin Ljunge

How does trust impact the likelihood of starting a business venture? Martin Ljunge, of the Research Instiute of Industrial Economics taught us about his work in trust – how cultural perceptions of trust impact economic decisions, such as the decision to start a business.

Making Entrepreneurial Growth Vibrant Again

Kauffman Foundation Director of Research and Policy E.J. Reedy addresses members of the U.S. House of Representatives regarding the role of entrepreneurship in creating economic opportunities for Americans.

New Policy May Slow Tide of Immigrant Entrepreneurs

India, the country that sends far and away more entrepreneurs to the U.S. than any other, has a new policy that might help keep more of that startup talent at home.