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University Research Brings the Local Closer to the Global

Universities traditionally measure their impact on entrepreneurship locally. At last month’s Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), Bill Aulet from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) reminded us that in a world where national boundaries are porous to both innovation and knowledge creation, assessing our impact globally can be a strong driver of collective performance improvement.

A New Market Access Path for Repurposed Drugs

Repurposed drugs present the promise of enabling patients’ access to much-needed therapies sooner and at a lower cost.

Health Care Experts Recommend Accelerated Path to Market for Repurposed Drugs Used to Treat Rare Diseases

New paper highlights solutions to speed patients’ access to drugs with therapeutic value for more than one disease.

New eBook Series Offers Practical Advice for Healthcare Entrepreneurs, from Healthcare Entrepreneurs

New eBook series features insights from healthcare entrepreneurs who share their real-world experiences with other founders making their way in the healthcare space.

Google Connects KC: Toby Rush Explains Process and Problems Behind Tech Transfer

Toby Rush, EyeVerify CEO, describes his personal experience with tech transfer while acquiring his newest startup from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, involving eye vein biometrics on a mobile platform. Google Fiber can produce universal connectivity whether its by landline or mobile, providing a swifter correspondence between ourselves and the world beyond.

Here. Us. Now. Trailer

Here. Us. Now. A Family's Fight to Bring Medical Innovation Home
Chris and Hugh Hempel are in the fight of their lives. Their twin daughters, Addison and Cassidy, have been diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, a rare and incurable genetic disease that causes progressive neurological deterioration. As the devastating effects of the disease begin to take hold, the Hempels enter a world of complex medical literature, complicated clinical trials, and cumbersome regulatory mazes where new drug discovery, invention, and approval are slow and ineffective.

Children's Mercy Official Explains Benefits, Barriers to Telehealth in Schools

Sandra Lawrence, executive vice president and chief financial officer for Children's Mercy, talks about the advantages of telehealth services within schools, providing children with immediate medical diagnosis and taking the strain of transportation of parents. Lawrence also explains the barrier that sits between telehealth and more available services.

Entrepreneur Combines Telehealth Service with Caregiver Ability

Caregiv CEO Jeff Pfaff's latest endeavor provides caregivers, doctors or relatives with direct contact to their patient or family member--through their own TV. Caregiv is a telehealth service that allows a patient to meet with their doctors without ever leaving their home. This service demonstrates the benefit of a fiber network in allowing patients to interact with their family members or doctors on a regular basis without the hassle of going to a hospital or doctor's office.

Health Care Specialist Lists Telehealth Advantages in Medical Realm

Barbara Atkinson, former executive vice chancellor of KU Medical Center, provides explanation of telehealth and the advantages of using telehealth services in Kansas City. With the help of Google Fiber, telehealth services can lower the cost of health care for individuals, and produce fewer hospital and emergency room admissions.

Valuing Health Care: Improving Productivity and Quality

Cost trends in U.S. health care consistently increase at about 2.5 percentage points faster than the general rate of inflation – clearly an unsustainable rate. To address what it called "America's most urgent public policy problem," the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation released a report that focuses on improving the cost-benefit balance in American health care through open access to medical data.