Life Science Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs advancing life sciences are improving the quality and standard of life with innovations in health, agriculture, medicine, food science, and the pharmaceutical industry.

New eBook Series Offers Practical Advice for Healthcare Entrepreneurs, from Healthcare Entrepreneurs

03/17/14 New eBook series features insights from healthcare entrepreneurs who share their real-world experiences with other founders making their way in the healthcare space. focuses on content and resources to assist and educate entrepreneurs, business mentors, policymakers, academics, and investors.

Personalized Health Manifesto

01/27/11 The Personalized Health Manifesto is “an old-fashioned call to arms and action plan for a new age of health care” that takes direct aim at the challenges of integrating and implementing personalized health care in the United States and seeks to accelerate the incorporation of personalized health into the current health care system.

Personalized Health Manifesto

10/27/10 Shifting to a health care paradigm that embraces healthy wellness and personalized health an be accelerated with a thoughtful and comprehensive plan to advance the science and practice of personalized health.

John Wilbanks - Kauffman Conversation

06/01/10 Kauffman Conversation with John Wilbanks
Vice President of Science, Creative Commons

The Distributed Partnering Model for Drug Discovery and Development

01/15/10 The major contributors to therapeutic innovations in the 20th century have been the pharmaceutical companies, with biotechnology companies adding significantly over the last twenty-five years. However, these models increasingly have failed in translating the advances of biomedical sciences into innovative products.