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The 2015 Mayors Conference in 13 Tweets

Read Twitter highlights from the 2015 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Atlantic Entrepreneurial Community: Challenges and Trends

A field report on the challenges and trends for the Atlantic entrepreneurial community.

Catalyzing the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Register now to hear findings from Indiana University and Kauffman researchers' new report "The Regional Environment in Indianapolis: Insights from High Growth Companies."

Indianapolis High-Growth Companies Thrive Independent of the Region’s Economic Environment, Kauffman Foundation Study Indicates

Kauffman study raises questions about the impact of external factors on the success of job-creating "gazelle" firms

The Regional Environment in Indianapolis: Insights From High Growth Companies

As with other “typical” cities in the Midwest, Indianapolis is often overlooked in academic studies, but has much to offer the research, practice, and policy communities interested in entrepreneurship and its benefits (Motoyama et al., 2013).

Lessons from Programmatic Research – A 1 Million Cups Anthology

Kauffman researchers explore the attendance, connections, and importance of entrepreneurship organizations within an ecosystem, as well as the demographics and challenges of early-stage companies in the 1 Million Cups program.

Accelerators Across U.S. Get $4 Million from SBA

In another sign that governments are becoming more savvy when it comes to the economic potential of high-growth startups, the U.S. Small Business Administration recently announced $4.4 million in support for accelerators in 39 states (plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico).

Montana’s Entrepreneurial Zeal

According to the 2015 Kauffman Index, Montana ranks as the state with the highest level of startup activity—the third straight year it has topped the rankings. However, how sustainable is its recent entrepreneurial success?

Kauffman Founders School Hosts Twitter Chat on Finding Your Startup Community

Co-sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the one-hour chat will discuss how millennials can locate existing groups of like-minded entrepreneurs.

1 Million Cups

A weekly educational and networking program founded by Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation that strives to engage entrepreneurs in their communities.