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Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Conference: Part 1

Leading scholars and practitioners cover the meaning and importance of an entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Recap of 2015 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship: Recipes for Growth

Kauffman researcher, Colin Tomkins-Bergh explores the key takeaways from the 2015 Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship.

American Cities Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week starts this morning with over more than 10 million people participating in over 30,000 events in more than 160 countries. While the United States has in large part been the originator of the startup revolution now unfolding across the globe, this renaissance of entrepreneurs is still relatively new for some parts of our nation. This week we look at how GEW is celebrating emerging ecosystems in three American cities: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Louisville, Kentucky; and Washington, D.C.Albuquerque, Louisville and Washington DC.

Crowdfunding Rules Announced. What Next?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finalized last week the rules guiding how startups can sell equity. What are the details and what is next after these new guidelines become active on Jan. 29, 2016?

How to Cook Up a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Latest Kauffman Policy Digest highlights entrepreneurial ecosystem myths and offers a ‘recipe’ to create vibrant ecosystems

High-Profile Business Leaders Will Narrow Impressive Field to Choose the One in a Million Entrepreneur

Eight of America’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders make the call as they judge the final rounds of One in a Million, a competition that will showcase some of the nation’s stellar startups.

Orlando Entrepreneurship: You Don’t Know the Half Of It

In order to better understand the functioning of entrepreneurship ecosystems, Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh has been investigating entrepreneurship ecosystems from a ground-level perspective along with aggregated datasets.

The Day After the Policy Idea: Now What?

Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores insights from the Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship and talks about what policymakers go through the day after the policy idea.

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat | Social Impact & The Bottom Line

Join Kauffman Founders School and the U.S. Small Business Administration on Twitter as we discuss how startups can integrate philanthropy and social good into their business' bottom lines.

An Orange Carpet for Entrepreneurs

In a rare face-to-face conversation with President Barack Obama recently, I referenced some of the positive yet unintended consequences unleashed by his effort to align U.S. Government agencies around the notion of “starting up” America. Four years after the White House launched the Startup America project, more than 60 nations have emulated the effort in different ways. One of them is the Netherlands.