Startup Communities

Places that attract and support innovative entrepreneurs are building vibrant startup ecosystems that can spur the economic growth, create jobs, and build healthy communities.

Kauffman's Trending Topics in 2014: Entrepreneurship Education, Startup Ecosystems, K-12 Teacher Development and Baseball

12/16/14 2014 has been another year of prolific online content distribution for the Kauffman Foundation, which annually assesses what topics net the most attention as one way to gauge priorities among its entrepreneurship and youth education audiences.

Mapping Our Future

At the Kauffman Foundation, we know that if our work is to make any difference, we must start by looking within.

Kansas City Startup Village: Sparking Innovation Through Entrepreneurial Density

Boosted by Google Fiber, the Kansas City Startup Village is committed to growing a community of startups and providing support for entrepreneurial growth across the Kansas City metro area.

Why We Should Actively Track and Measure Startup Communities

Startup Genome founder Shane Reiser explains how tracking a local startup community benefits the larger community in six ways.

Uniting Startup Nations

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress is an inter-disciplinary gathering of startup champions from around the world—where entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, investors, and the organizations that support them work together to build strong entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Entrepreneurship is a Contact Sport

Entrepreneurs need thriving networks. This precept has revealed itself over and over in the ten years since U.S.SourceLink began bridging resource organizations to one another and to entrepreneurs throughout the country.

1 Million Cups: The Power of Positive Caffeinating

How many cups of coffee do entrepreneurs drink while trying to launch a successful startup?

Entrepreneurship Starts at Home: How Research Can Inform Policy

Kauffman research is increasingly pointing to the importance of location to entrepreneurship.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of State Tax Incentives

State leaders need better information to avoid unexpected budget challenges, identify programs that are effective, and modify or end programs that do not achieve their intended purpose.

On Forbes: Casting the Spotlight on Successful Women Entrepreneurs

12/11/14 Kauffman Foundation Senior Fellow Alicia Robb features recent success stories in Boulder, Colorado, and highlights promising programs that seek to close the large, persistent gender gap in venture capital funding.