Ewing Kauffman believed that youth prepared to succeed in college will go on to lead productive, economically independent lives. Our education strategy focuses heavily on access to high quality public school options and postsecondary opportunities intended to improve academic and life outcomes for lower income urban students in Kansas City.

Building on experiences from our Kauffman Scholars program, the Foundation will provide postsecondary completion incentives, including scholarships, for more students in the Kansas City area. Kauffman also supports programs that attract and retain great teachers and leaders in our community.

What's New in Education

JULY 29, 2015

Entrepreneurship Education and Training: What Works?

This series will explore where the state of research stands, what has been concretely proven to work, where the gaps of knowledge lay and what we as educators, entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers can do to fill them.

JULY 22, 2015

Kauffman School: By the Numbers

See how the Ewing Marion Kauffman School, a college prep school in Kansas City, is achieving its mission of creating college graduates.

JULY 22, 2015

Kauffman Sketchbook - "Beyond Belief"

Aaron North, vice president of Education, suggests that the best teachers share a fundamental belief that all students can learn and meet high expectations.

JULY 14, 2015

Missouri College Advising Corps

A national leader in providing advisory services to help underserved high school students identify “best fit” pathways that lead to postsecondary completion.

JULY 14, 2015

KC Education Speaker Series

A partnership between the Kauffman Foundation and the Kansas City Public Library, this speaker series brings leading thinkers in education to Kansas City audiences.

JULY 14, 2015

Kansas City Scholarships

The Kauffman Foundation is providing $1.5 million to ten local scholarship programs to increase the opportunity for more Kansas City-area students to earn a college degree.

JULY 14, 2015

Individual Schools

We invest in individual schools that demonstrate the capacity to deliver strong academic outcomes for students in Kansas City.

JULY 14, 2015

Fund for Teachers

Funded by the Kauffman Foundation, Fund for Teachers experiences transform teachers' careers and classrooms for years to come.

JULY 14, 2015

Our support of Donors Choose provides match funding for classroom projects posted on by public school teachers in the Greater Kansas City area.

JULY 14, 2015

Citizens of the World Charter Schools

The Kauffman Foundation supports Citizens of the World Charter (CWC) Schools' development and opening of a four-school network of charter public schools in Midtown Kansas City.

JULY 14, 2015

City Year Comes to KC

As part of AmeriCorps, City Year places diverse young adults in high-need urban schools for a year of service to support students' academic and socio-emotional success.

JULY 09, 2015

New Kauffman Sketchbook Draws on Lessons Learned from Teachers Making the Grade for Students

Aaron North, Kauffman Foundation vice president of Education, discusses the successes and shortfalls of teacher preparation in this new Kauffman Sketchbook video.

JUNE 29, 2015

Experienced Educator to Lead New Kansas City Teacher Residency

Charles King will be responsible for developing innovative program designed to prepare aspiring teachers to become effective urban educators.

JUNE 23, 2015

Kauffman Foundation Debuts New Online Resource to Make Accessing Public Education Data Faster and Easier

To help make publicly available education data more accessible to more people, the Kauffman Foundation has launched a new online tool called EdWise.

JUNE 16, 2015

Education is Rising in Kansas City

If you are an entrepreneurial educator with a proven record of raising academic achievement for urban students, check out these leadership opportunities.

JUNE 15, 2015

College and Career Ready Reports

Kansas, like Missouri, also has information currently available that addresses college preparedness, but does so only in terms of remediation coursework enrollment for every school district in Kansas that has students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education in the state. Senior Data Analyst Christopher Laubenthal explores where these data sources can be found, what data are included, and their context.

JUNE 09, 2015

Meet Our New President & CEO

The Board of Trustees of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation announces the appointment of Wendy Guillies as the Foundation's new president and chief executive officer.

MAY 21, 2015

In The Kansas City Star: Prioritize Student Academic Outcomes Above All Else

In this guest editorial, Kauffman Foundation Acting President and CEO Wendy Guillies shares the Foundation’s vision for the future of Kansas City’s urban schools.

MAY 15, 2015

Underutilized Resource in Understanding College Readiness

Information is currently available that addresses college preparedness in terms of first year completion, grade point average, and remediation for every high school in Missouri that has students currently enrolled in an institution of higher education in the state. Senior Data Analyst Christopher Laubenthal explores where these data source can be found, what data are included, and their context.

MAY 12, 2015

KC Education Speaker Series: Planting Academic Seeds: The Book Benefit

Mariah Evans, a sociologist at the University of Nevada-Reno, headed a 20-year, worldwide study that found “the presence of books in the home” to be the top predictor of whether a child will attain a high level of education .

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