Entrepreneurs are critical to the long-term health of our economy. We work to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.

Kauffman's entrepreneurship work is national in scale and global in reach. Our entrepreneurship strategy supports entrepreneurs in the U.S. by expanding signature education programs, notably Founders School, FastTrac, and 1 Million Cups, and investing in proven education models. We also seek to foster startup communities and develop challenges to spur entrepreneurial activity in select metropolitan areas.

What's New in Entrepreneurship

MARCH 31, 2015

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat | Starting Up: What You Need to Know

Join Kauffman Founders School and the U.S. Small Business Administration to discuss tools, resources, and opportunities available to budding entrepreneurs.

MARCH 31, 2015


A global not-for-profit organization that propels women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving growth.

MARCH 31, 2015

Startup Genome

The Kauffman Foundation is helping Startup Genome build and evaluate community data curated by a worldwide network of volunteers who create up-to-date maps of entrepreneurial communities.

MARCH 30, 2015

Six Ways Non-Profit Entrepreneurs are Distinct from “Traditional” Entrepreneurs

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch highlights differences between non-profit and "traditional" entrepreneurs.

MARCH 30, 2015

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Spring Recess

Both houses of Congress are in recess with members scheduled to return on Monday, April 13.

MARCH 30, 2015

Obama Announces July Trip to Kenya to Talk Entrepreneurship

This morning, President Barack Obama announced he will travel to Kenya in July to lead his annual entrepreneurship summit. Leading up to the event, PDE will invite comments on possible policy themes as leaders from around the world look for more precise and impactful measures for increasing rates of new firm formation back home. Today, the importance of women entrepreneurs to economic growth.

MARCH 30, 2015

Learning From Other Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Kauffman Senior Scholar Amisha Miller explores the notion that entrepreneurship ecosystems can learn from each other, but highlights certain caveats

MARCH 27, 2015

The Economic Case for Welcoming Immigrant Entrepreneurs

The Kauffman Foundation highlights strategies for how a “startup visa” would allow immigrants to start businesses in the United States after satisfying certain funding, employment, and other requirements.

MARCH 27, 2015

On Governing: Measuring Entrepreneurship Can Be Tricky

In this post on Governing.com, Kauffman Foundation researchers explain how city leaders can see past cultural buzz to get an accurate measure of their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

MARCH 25, 2015

1 Million Cups City Spotlight: Des Moines

Kauffman researcher Colin Tomkins-Bergh explores what's brewing in 1 Million Cups Des Moines, Iowa.

MARCH 24, 2015

Innovation Series: The Rising Costs of Invention

Kauffman researcher Jordan Bell-Masterson explores how invention is getting more complex, and therefore more costly, over time.

MARCH 23, 2015

Multidisciplinary Approach to Economic Success

Kauffman researcher Alex Krause reviews the TI:GER program out of Georgia Tech. The TI:GER program seeks to help educate scholars in higher education on the commercialization of university research.

MARCH 23, 2015

Call for Proposals, Entrepreneurial Dynamics: Evidence from the Kauffman Firm Survey

The Kauffman Foundation is pleased to announce a special conference to bring together researchers using the Kauffman Firm Survey (KFS) and highlight new KFS research.

MARCH 23, 2015

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2015 Comes to a Close

It is a fairly common refrain that "entrepreneurship is messy." Last week's Global Entrepreneurship Congress reminded us of this -- from entrepreneurs sharing stories of repeated failures before pivoting toward success to policymakers searching for an elusive roadmap to strengthen their entrepreneurial ecosystems.

MARCH 23, 2015

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: The Internet of Things

This week, members of Congress get an up-close look at the Internet of Things with a showcase and committee hearing that examine the benefits of connected devices while exploring security and privacy issues as the global market doubles in the next five years.

MARCH 20, 2015

Innovation Fund America

Innovation Fund America empowers community colleges to support high-growth tech startups and entrepreneurs in their communities.

MARCH 20, 2015

Reworking Occupational Licensing

See how occupational licensing shackles labor mobility, and what tools policymakers have available to undo these negative effects.

MARCH 18, 2015

"Cracking the Code"

Amy Wilkinson, author of "The Creator's Code," describes key characteristics of today’s leading entrepreneurs.

MARCH 18, 2015

New Kauffman Sketchbook Illustrates the Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

Amy Wilkinson, author of "The Creator’s Code," shares skills that the creators of game-changing companies such as Chipotle, Dropbox and eBay have used to build their enterprises.

MARCH 17, 2015

The Creators Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson, a strategic advisor to startups and large corporations alike, unlocks the six essential skills that turn intriguing ideas into enduring enterprises.