Entrepreneurs are critical to the long-term health of our economy. We work to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.

Kauffman's entrepreneurship work is national in scale and global in reach. Our entrepreneurship strategy supports entrepreneurs in the U.S. by expanding signature education programs, notably Founders School, FastTrac, and 1 Million Cups, and investing in proven education models. We also seek to foster startup communities and develop challenges to spur entrepreneurial activity in select metropolitan areas.

What's New in Entrepreneurship

OCTOBER 02, 2015

Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Inspired by research on the importance of entrepreneurship for sustained economic growth and improved wellbeing, many governments and non-governmental grant-making organizations have sought over the past decade to implement policies and programs intended to support entrepreneurs

OCTOBER 02, 2015

Crowdfunding, Risk, and Syndicates

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson delves into the risks that crowdfunding presents to investors, and how a growing number of syndicates may provide useful information to decrease exposure to that risk

OCTOBER 02, 2015

Top Entrepreneurship Papers of September: What Made the List?

Each month, we’re hoping to better answer the question: what’s being read by academics with an interest in entrepreneurship? In September 2015, these were the most downloaded entrepreneurship papers.

OCTOBER 01, 2015

Kauffman Hosts Capitol Hill Briefing on Trends in Entrepreneurship

Sen. Jerry Moran (KS) and Sen. Chris Coons (DE) of the Senate Competitiveness Caucus joined John Haltiwanger, a University of Maryland professor of economics with expertise in new business dynamics, for a discussion of trends in entrepreneurship and how to boost the American economy.

OCTOBER 01, 2015

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Conference by Kauffman Foundation

Although the term, entrepreneurship ecosystem, has been used by academics and practitioners widely in the last few years, we still know little about how such an ecosystem is structured, varies by region, evolves over time, or functions for different sub-groups of entrepreneurs.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

Rx for Effective Entrepreneurship Policy: Create Ecosystems That Forge Connectivity and Break Down Barriers

“Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” report calls into question the effectiveness of narrowly focused strategies by governments and private grantmaking programs to support budding entrepreneurs.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Kauffman Founders School Twitter Chat | How to Market Your Startup

Join Kauffman Founders School and the U.S. Small Business Administration on Twitter as we discuss creative ways Millennial entrepreneurs can market their startups.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Lessons from Bell Labs

Linking Bell Labs’ 20th century lessons with the latest academic research on innovation.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

Haltiwanger’s ‘Startup Deficit’

The work of John Haltiwanger, an economics professor at the University of Maryland, in deepening our understanding of the causes of job creation, job destruction and economic performance serves as one of the best examples of how to elevate the quality of research informing a new class of policymakers drilling down on entrepreneurship as a driver of jobs and innovation.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Continuing Resolution Needed to Avoid Shutdown

With the possibility of a government shutdown on Thursday, Congress will be focused on passing a continuing resolution this week – with the Senate scheduled to take a procedural vote Monday afternoon. You can also expect to hear a lot about Republicans jockeying for position to replace House Speaker John Boehner who announced late last week that he will be stepping aside at the end of October.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015

The Pope and Entrepreneurial Capitalism

“In order to continue providing employment, it is imperative to promote an economy which favors productive diversity and business creativity.” Those are the words of Pope Francis, who arrived in Washington, DC last week.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015

Top Entrepreneurship Papers of August 2015: What Made the List?

Each month, we’re hoping to better answer the question: what’s being read by academics with an interest in entrepreneurship? In August 2015, these were the most downloaded entrepreneurship papers.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Talent Trumps Cash as Top Concern for Indianapolis High Growth Firms

Kauffman research analyst Chris Jackson takes a look at a recent report on how high-growth firms in Indianapolis find the talent they need to sustain their plans for growth.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Urban Entrepreneur Partnership

UEP is a premium business solution distinguished by a unique and innovative one-to-one business coaching model designed to produce rapid return on investment.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Entrepreneurship and Microlending

Kauffman intern Sarah Mitchell explores the different types of microlending, and how this kind of financing opportunities helps low-income entrepreneurs.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Examining the Entrepreneurial Landscape in Indianapolis

While Silicon Valley gets the lions' share of the media attention when it comes to breeding grounds for promising startups, more data is coming to light on promising trends in new firm formation and growth from other parts of the U.S. One of those places is Indianapolis and a new paper from the Kauffman Foundation explores the the city's entrepreneurial landscape -- and some of the challenges it faces.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Briefing on Economic Competitiveness

This Thursday, Pope Francis is making an appearance on Capitol Hill – the first papal address to a joint session of Congress. While the speculation of late has been about the pontiff’s planned remarks focusing on climate control, his stance on immigration reform – should he raise it – would be the topic with the most impact on the entrepreneurial economy.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

Insights from Canada

Traveling to Ontario for the Waterloo Innovation Summit last Friday, PDE's Jonathan Ortmans checks in with entrepreneurs and policymakers in Canada to see how they are faring. From grassroots communities to policy prescriptions, snapshots of the country's entrepreneurship landscape show healthy signs.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

What the Internet of Things Can Do For Productivity & Employment

A 2014 Allied Business Intelligence survey predicts that 40.9 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. Robert Cohen of the Economic Strategy Institute is studying what the Internet of Things (IoT) means to our productivity, employment, and jobs. Cohen details some of the changes that IoT may bring in his featured presentation.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

Women of Color in Entrepreneurship: New SBO Data and What it Means for the Economy

Kauffman researcher Emily Fetsch explores new SBO data and the representation of women of color as business owners.

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