Entrepreneurs are critical to the long-term health of our economy. We work to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.

Kauffman's entrepreneurship work is national in scale and global in reach. Our entrepreneurship strategy supports entrepreneurs in the U.S. by expanding signature education programs, notably Founders School, FastTrac, and 1 Million Cups, and investing in proven education models. We also seek to foster startup communities and develop challenges to spur entrepreneurial activity in select metropolitan areas.

What's New in Entrepreneurship

JUNE 29, 2016

The Endangered American Startup

Dane Stangler, Vice President of Research & Policy at the Kauffman Foundation, spoke today before the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee about dwindling startup activity, its consequences, and what policymakers can do to help.

JUNE 28, 2016

Kauffman Foundation Vice President Offers Solutions to Startup Deficit at U.S. Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee Hearing

Dane Stangler will discuss the future of American entrepreneurship, including public policy recommendations to renew entrepreneurial growth

JUNE 27, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: America Without Entrepreneurs?

While discussions about the economic impact of the Brexit vote continue to reverberate around the world, the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship considers another bleak scenario – America without entrepreneurs.

JUNE 27, 2016

Global Leadership for Entrepreneurship

While the notion that you must be in Silicon Valley to be a successful startup is thankfully less common these days, all eyes were on the region last week, and for a very good reason. U.S. President Barack Obama gathered more than 1000 international entrepreneurs and investors at Stanford University for a landmark summit that included some of the biggest founder brands in the space.

JUNE 27, 2016

NYC Tops for Women Entrepreneurs

During the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University last week, Dell announced findings of its 2016 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities) of 25 global cities fostering high potential women entrepreneurs. New York City ranks No. 1 overall among the 25 cities for its ability to attract and support women entrepreneurs with top marks in several categories, including Policy Enabling Market Access.

JUNE 23, 2016

Can Paid Maternity Leave Mean More Entrepreneurship?

While there are plenty of reasons why longer parental leave is good for parents and children, can it also be good for creating entrepreneurs?

JUNE 20, 2016

Louisiana Helping Startups Scale

The latest Kauffman Index on Growth Entrepreneurship showed Louisiana toward the top of its rankings of large states, thanks in part to a particularly strong trend on scale-ups. The state has the highest share of scale-ups in the U.S. -- the number of firms that started small but grew to employ fifty people or more by their tenth year of operation as a percentage of all employer firms ten years and younger. One program that seems to be contributing to that is the Economic Gardening Initiative run by Louisiana Economic Development.

JUNE 20, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: State of the Economy

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen makes a couple of appearances at committee hearings on Capitol Hill this week to provide her semi-annual report on monetary policy and the state of the economy. Recently, Yellen confirmed that the Fed will gradually raise rates but a rate hike is not anticipated for July. She appears before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on Tuesday and the House Committee for Financial Services on Wednesday.

JUNE 20, 2016

Decision 2016: Don’t Forget Entrepreneurs

I am proud to have served on the Steering Committee for President Barack Obama’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit happening this week in Silicon Valley. Given this is likely the last “entrepreneurship summit” for this President – and with a big decision looming this November on his replacement – we thought it worth taking a step back for a quick look at the role of governments and policymakers in enabling a flourishing entrepreneurial climate.

JUNE 17, 2016

Kauffman Founders School Launches Video Series on How to Evolve from Founder to CEO

Matt Blumberg, author of Startup CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business, coaches founders through the crucial transitions that turn a startup into a sustainable business.

JUNE 17, 2016

Entrepreneurship Policy Done Right

Entrepreneurship is not inevitable. There needs to be smart policy that creates fertile space for entrepreneurs to take their ideas and grow them. What states are succeeding at this?

JUNE 15, 2016

Entrepreneurial Growth Webinar

In this recorded webinar, Kauffman Foundation experts share data and insights on how growth entrepreneurship is faring in your city and state and get insights on how to strengthen growth entrepreneurship in your ecosystem.

JUNE 14, 2016

Kauffman Inclusion Challenge

The Kauffman Inclusion Challenge is designed to find, understand and grant funds to nonprofit entrepreneur-support organizations that can help female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color achieve higher rates of success.

JUNE 13, 2016

The Economic Impact of High-Growth Startups

High-growth firms are a rare phenomenon in entrepreneurship that have a big impact on the economy. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest offers insights on how to create fertile ground for growth.

JUNE 13, 2016

Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Program Accepting Proposals

The 2017 Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship (KDF) Request for Proposals is available and proposals are being accepted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation through August 17, 2016. The Kauffman Foundation will award up to 20 Dissertation Fellowship grants of $20,000 each to Ph.D., D.B.A. or other doctoral students for the support of dissertations in the area of entrepreneurship.

JUNE 13, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: FCC & Broadband Consumer Privacy

In an effort to better protect the privacy of internet users, the Federal Communications Commission has proposed a set of rules to govern how broadband and wireless internet providers handle your personal data. However, the proposal – which would transfer control from the Federal Trade Commission to the FCC – is not without its critics who claim that the rules would pose unnecessary burdens and do little but drive up costs. This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee take a look at the proposed privacy requirements and weigh the testimony of several experts on both sides of the issue.

JUNE 13, 2016

DC’s Disruption in Highly Regulated Industries

Politics and regulations, not startups, used to define the image of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. But not anymore.

JUNE 10, 2016

What a Defunct Cobra Industry Teaches Us About Entrepreneurial Policy

Colin Tomkins-Bergh examines how entrepreneurship is shaped by the existing institutions and how institutional or policy can solve or fail to solve market failures.

JUNE 09, 2016

On WashingtonMonthly.com: How St. Louis is Creating Entrepreneurs, and Keeping Them

Kauffman researchers discuss how this midwestern city is becoming the "fastest-growing startup scene" in the country.

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