Entrepreneurs are critical to the long-term health of our economy. We work to advance entrepreneurship education and training, to promote startup-friendly policies, and to understand what new firms need.

Kauffman's entrepreneurship work is national in scale and global in reach. Our entrepreneurship strategy supports entrepreneurs in the U.S. by expanding signature education programs, notably Founders School, FastTrac, and 1 Million Cups, and investing in proven education models. We also seek to foster startup communities and develop challenges to spur entrepreneurial activity in select metropolitan areas.

What's New in Entrepreneurship

MAY 31, 2016

About the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE), the Largest Annual Survey Data Collection of U.S. Entrepreneurs

Kauffman researchers E.J. Reedy and Arnobio Morelix share about the new Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (ASE), a public-private partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau, the Kauffman Foundation, and the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA).

MAY 25, 2016

Women and Entrepreneurship: A Blog Anthology

Kauffman Foundation bloggers have written extensively about women entrepreneurs in-depth. Review this anthology of posts on the subject.

MAY 25, 2016

Are Tech Companies Ahead of the Curve on Parental Leave?

Major tech companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have recently given generous parental leave to their employees. But is it economically easier for tech companies, which are predominantly male, to offer generous parental leave packages given men are less likely to take parental leave?

MAY 23, 2016

Entrepreneurship and the American Idea

Kauffman's Dane Stangler explores the idea of entrepreneurship and the American Idea, in preparation for our celebration of 250 years of innovation in the U.S.

MAY 23, 2016

How Ready is your City for the Digital Economy?

Most city leaders realize their cities are not prepared for the next wave of the digital economy, but few of them know what to do next.

MAY 23, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Sharing Economy & Modernizing the Tax Code

The rise of sharing economy startups like TaskRabbit, Uber and Airbnb have not only changed how consumer buy services, but also how workers provide those services. This week, the House Small Business Committee holds a two-part hearing on how the tax code treats those workers and how it might be modernized. Witnesses from TaskRabbit and the IRS join tax policy and trade association voices.

MAY 19, 2016

The End of the Slump: U.S. Entrepreneurial Growth Rebounds, Says First-ever Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship

More startups and established businesses are growing quicker than in recent years but entrepreneurial growth is still in a long-term decline

MAY 16, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Access to Capital

The HALOS (Help Angels Lead Our Startups) Act isn't the only piece of legislation aiming to increase the amount of money available to entrepreneurs as they start and scale new businesses. This week, the House Committee on Financial Services examines the current competitiveness of U.S. capital markets and regulatory burdens impact capital formation, job creation and economic growth.

MAY 16, 2016

Today’s Changes to the Rules for JOBS Act

Stemming from the 2012 Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, SEC regulations take effect today. However, it appears work still needs to be done. At the Angel Capital Association Summit in Philadelphia last week, I talked to investors about a bill moving swiftly through Congress to remove an unintended consequence of today’s new rules.

MAY 13, 2016

Three Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About and Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix shares three facts you (probably) didn't know about venture capital and entrepreneurship

MAY 13, 2016

Expanding Latino Entrepreneurship Research

Backgrounds, business models and available financing vary greatly—as does the challenges and opportunities of Latino entrepreneurs depending on geographic location.

MAY 12, 2016

Right on, Sister. Four ways to keep the conversation on working moms going

A collection of articles —from Forbes to Glamour—that show how women of the working press furthered the conversation on the challenges of working moms and the unique hardships of women entrepreneurs.

MAY 11, 2016

Coming Soon: the First-Ever Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship

Kauffman researcher Arnobio Morelix introduces the first-ever Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship, coming soon

MAY 10, 2016

In the Border War of tax incentives, states—and small business—lose

Research shows large tax incentive programs don’t actually create jobs. In fact, it often fails to reward the types of companies that do have job creation potential.

MAY 09, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: Daily Fantasy Sports Under Review

Members of Congress return to Washington this week with hearings on a range of topics – from emerging industries (with a couple venture-backed heavyweights) like daily fantasy sports to commercializing science and techology research. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce examines daily fantasy sports games and considers the overarching question of whether such sites are considered "games of skill" or gambling.

MAY 09, 2016

Combatting the Geographic Divide between Rich and Poor

From presidential candidates to pundits, a lot of people are talking these days about income inequality. What gets much less attention, however, is the geographic manifestation of the divide between rich and poor.

MAY 03, 2016

New Report Examines the Economic Contributions of Working Mothers

New report by Kauffman researchers Emily Fetsch and Alex Krause examines the challenges facing mothers in the workforce.

MAY 03, 2016

Labor After Labor: Why Barriers for Working Mothers are Barriers for the Economy

Policymakers, businesses and entrepreneur support organizations can drive policy and cultural changes necessary to fulfill the promise of entrepreneurship for mothers

MAY 02, 2016

This Week in Entrepreneurship Policy: May Recess

No committee hearings are scheduled for the week ahead. Members of the House and Senate returned to their home states and districts for a one week recess. They will reconvene next week and have only eight weeks in session before they break for the summer recess in mid-July.

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