Beyond our extensive research, the Kauffman Foundation has developed and supported a variety of books, publications and other resources that furthers our work.

A Fair Fight: Entrepreneurship and Competition Policy

07/08/16   A dearth of firm activity and shortsighted policy choices have weakened true competition, hurting entrepreneurs and weakening our nation’s economic potential. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest outlines three areas where restoring competition would benefit entrepreneurs.

The Economic Impact of High-Growth Startups

07/08/16   High-growth firms are a rare phenomenon in entrepreneurship that have a big impact on the economy. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest offers insights on how to create fertile ground for growth.

Can Social Insurance Unlock Entrepreneurial Opportunities?

07/08/16   A new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest examines if a more robust safety net to protect against risk would encourage more people to start companies.

Entrepreneurial Growth – After Startup

06/15/16   In this recorded webinar, Kauffman Foundation experts share data and insights on how growth entrepreneurship is faring in your city and state and get insights on how to strengthen growth entrepreneurship in your ecosystem.

Understanding Entrepreneurship: Research and Resources from the Kauffman Foundation

04/06/16   Understanding Entrepreneurship: Research and Resources from the Kauffman Foundation

The Good Economy

03/14/16   The Good Economy, an e-book jointly published by the Kauffman Foundation and the Roosevelt Institute, asks how the new economy could evolve over the next 25 years and predicts a radical transformation of the U.S. economic system based on information technology, akin to late 19th century breakthroughs like the steam engine.

The Entrepreneurship Policy Map

03/10/16   The Entrepreneurship Policy Map focuses on the policy needs of three stages of entrepreneurship: mew business creation, local small business activity, and, growing and high-growth firms.

A Snapshot of the Emerging Entrepreneur

11/12/15   Learn 10 attributes that surfaced from 35 interviews with EY emerging entrepreneurs — companies that are five years or younger with demonstrated rapid growth, who represent a diverse set of sectors.

How to Cook Up a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

11/04/15   Local policymakers are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship—a proven driver of economic growth and a catalyst of upward economic mobility.