Beyond our extensive research, the Kauffman Foundation has developed and supported a variety of books, publications and other resources that furthers our work.

2017 State of Entrepreneurship Address

02/17/17   The 8th annual State of Entrepreneurship Address discussed the resurgence of entrepreneurship in the United States, but also that three megatrends must be taken into account to reverse the longer term decline of startups.

Including People of Color in the Promise of Entrepreneurship

12/05/16   Continued disparity in entrepreneurship among people of color requires understanding of the unique challenges they face and for private and public sectors to broaden entrepreneurial opportunity.

Kauffman Compilation: Research on Race and Entrepreneurship

12/01/16   This compilationhighlights a range of Kauffman resources that discuss entrepreneurs of color, the particular challenges facing these demographics, and the practical and policy ideas to address them.

Main Street Entrepreneurs are Economic and Community Pillars

11/21/16   This Policy Digest examines how Main Street entrepreneurs tend to have deep roots in their communities and encounter distinct policy challenges.

The Economic Impact of High-Growth Startups

10/10/16   High-growth firms are a rare phenomenon in entrepreneurship that have a big impact on the economy. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest offers insights on how to create fertile ground for growth.

What the Changing Nature of Work Means for Entrepreneurship

10/10/16   The traditional employer-employee work relationship is changing, brought on in part by the business model of young, innovative firms. This Policy Digest explores the impact of the platform economy on entrepreneurship and provides policy recommendations.

Kauffman Compilation: Research on Immigration and Entrepreneurship

10/06/16   This fact sheet lists a range or research, articles and blog posts addressing immigration and entrepreneurship.

Kauffman Compilation: Research on Gender and Entrepreneurship

08/30/16   This fact sheet lists a range or research, articles and blog posts addressing the gender gap in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Research, Policy and Practice

07/12/16   To inform policymakers and entrepreneurship support organizations seeking to build fertile environments for new and growing companies, we research all aspects of entrepreneurial communities.

A Fair Fight: Entrepreneurship and Competition Policy

07/08/16   A dearth of firm activity and shortsighted policy choices have weakened true competition, hurting entrepreneurs and weakening our nation’s economic potential. This Entrepreneurship Policy Digest outlines three areas where restoring competition would benefit entrepreneurs.