Beyond our extensive research, the Kauffman Foundation has developed and supported a variety of books, publications and other resources that furthers our work.

Women Entrepreneurs are Key to Accelerating Growth

07/20/15   Our new Entrepreneurship Policy Digest explores barriers to women entrepreneurs and offers five policy recommendations to address the gender gap.

Kauffman in Kansas City e-Newsletter

07/16/15   Each month the Kauffman Foundation shares highlights of the many ways in which it interacts with and supports Kansas City organizations, initiatives, and individuals.

Kingdom Come: The Making of Casavant Opus 3875

07/08/15   Kingdom Come: The Making of Casavant Opus 3875 is a feature-length documentary film that goes behind the scenes to chronicle the design, manufacture, and unveiling of a pipe organ for the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri.

How Entrepreneurs Access Capital and Get Funded

06/02/15   An array of policies aim to support entrepreneurs through grants and tax breaks that make capital more easily attainable. However, entrepreneurs most often turn to two forms of private external financing: debt and equity.

Fact Sheet

04/30/15   After exploring changes in the local and national education and entrepreneurship landscapes, the Foundation in 2014 adopted a new strategic plan to better serve its mission.

How Intellectual Property Can Help or Hinder Innovation

04/07/15   Although intellectual property protections can increase productivity and firm valuations, they also can be inefficient and hinder innovation if they are too weak or too strong.

The Economic Case for Welcoming Immigrant Entrepreneurs

03/27/15   Learn how strategies for how a “startup visa” would allow immigrants to start businesses in the United States after satisfying certain funding, employment, and other requirements.

The Creator's Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs

03/17/15   The Creator’s Code by Amy Wilkinson, a strategic advisor to startups and large corporations alike, unlocks the six essential skills that turn intriguing ideas into enduring enterprises.

Understanding Entrepreneurship: Research and Resources from the Kauffman Foundation

03/12/15   Understanding Entrepreneurship: Research and Resources from the Kauffman Foundation

Demographic Trends Will Shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

02/25/15   Changing demographic trends are altering the American economic landscape in ways that will affect the economy for years to come. The aging of Boomers and the emergence of Millennials are two of the biggest demographic developments in America today.