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The Kauffman Foundation Board of Trustees has selected globally respected leadership advisory firm Spencer Stuart to lead the search for its new President and CEO.

A person holds a smartphone in one hand, a credit card in the other. On the table in front of them are financial documents, a cup of coffee, and a laptop computer.

Capital Innovation In collaboration with key financial institutions and civic organizations, we’re working to understand and address the challenges entrepreneurs of color face when accessing capital. We identify innovative capital models, educate those involved, and deploy supportive grants that help create more equitable access to capital for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Our three-pronged capital strategy includes civic […]

A photo of Jenny Hook

Jenny Hook is a project analyst at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where she works closely with the senior director of Evaluation, Learning, and Impact Stories to serve as the primary facilitator of the Evaluation team’s project work from project origination to conclusion, and ensures the scope, sequence, resources, and execution of projects are aligned with […]

A photo of Amos Jaimes

Amos Jaimes is a program coordinator at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he supports the program director and staff of ProX, a Real World Learning Business-to-Education initiative. He develops and maintains detailed project plans, processes, and tools needed to keep stakeholders informed and accountable, as well as ensure stakeholders have positive experiences in the […]

A banner featuring photos of individuals who contributed to the Kauffman Foundation's 2022 Uncommon Voices article.

As we enter the New Year, those who work toward an economy that works for everyone share their enthusiasm, apprehensions, and projections as they consider what’s next.

Historically, research on entrepreneurship and innovation has rarely been conducted using community-engaged methodologies – even in work that seeks to address barriers to entrepreneurship in systemically marginalized communities. We believe that including the voices of entrepreneurs in the research process may produce more nuanced and robust findings that, ultimately, can serve as the basis for programs and policies that could truly change the landscape of entrepreneurship in the United States.

A photo of Michael Robins

Michael Robins is a ProX program director with the Business-to-Education initiative in Education for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he will ensure the strategic vision, mission, and goals set for the ProX summer program benefit both the students and employers participating in the program. Prior to joining the Foundation, Robins served as vice principal […]

Video still from the November Issue Forum "How Prioritizing Community Expertise Can Inform Engaged Research"

This forum features various researchers and heartland community partner organizations from the Kauffman Foundation’s Inclusive Ecosystem portfolio – comprised of three-year projects that explore entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Heartland states, these grants emphasize holistic, community-led approaches to research on entrepreneurial ecosystems.