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Written by Kim Farley | September 21, 2020 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed vulputate fermentum nunc nec feugiat. Sed egestas ac erat ut sollicitudin. Nam neque orci, bibendum ac rutrum vitae, dictum dignissim quam. Sed a ullamcorper nulla. Donec est tellus, tempor ut luctus non, molestie at orci. Fusce faucibus maximus […]
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Below are term sheets and agreements available from Capital Access Lab funds and additional alternative venture capital funds.* A term sheet is not a legal promise to invest, but rather a nonbinding document that outlines the basic terms and conditions of a potential investment. Term sheets precede binding legal contracts in the venture capital process. […]
Respondents agreed with many of the options we provided for systems that need addressing, but in general were skeptical about this country's ability to change.
Jessica Mindnich
Jessica Mindnich is senior director of evaluation, learning, and impact stories in Evaluation for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where she leads the Evaluation department in the development and implementation of strategies that measure and tell the story of the Foundation’s impact and work. She works closely with the senior leaders of the Education, Entrepreneurship, […]
After listening to researchers, entrepreneurs, and those who support entrepreneurs, the Kauffman Foundation updated its approach to the way it seeks information form research and created the Kauffman Knowledge Challenge in 2018.
The 2020 Knowledge Challenge produced a portfolio of grants that seek to answer questions based on real-world problems facing entrepreneurs and their communities. An emphasis throughout the portfolio includes grants for programs and projects that advance knowledge about entrepreneurship and economic mobility, and support an inclusive pipeline of entrepreneurship researchers.
Rebuild better
As the nation suffers through more tragedies of racial injustice, we must focus on both short-term and long-term solutions; true equity and inclusion will only come from systems we rebuild better.
In a country born out of the notion of individualism, our greatest strength can actually be our interdependence. We can remain strong individuals while also building stronger systems, and a stronger nation. Make your inbox more interesting Sign up to receive stories and insights that underscore the essential role of education and entrepreneurship in growing […]