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Video still from the November Issue Forum "How Prioritizing Community Expertise Can Inform Engaged Research"

This forum features various researchers and heartland community partner organizations from the Kauffman Foundation’s Inclusive Ecosystem portfolio – comprised of three-year projects that explore entrepreneurial ecosystems in the Heartland states, these grants emphasize holistic, community-led approaches to research on entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A wide-angle photo of Baghdad, Iraq, shows dozens of people walking down a city street holding umbrellas to block the sun. A building in the background features a large banner image of an astronaut.

To mark the 15th annual Global Entrepreneurship Week, Global Entrepreneurship Network President Jonathan Ortmans shares what observing ecosystem builders across the world can teach us here at home.

Video still from the 2022 October Issue Forum "Findings from the NORC Entrepreneurship in the Population Survey"

Are you interested in the landscape of entrepreneurship in your local community? Watch this Data Dive into a new survey conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago and funded by the Kauffman Foundation. NORC scholars discuss their first-year findings as part of a 5-year, cross-sectional, nationally representative survey designed to capture an accurate measure of entrepreneurship status among the U.S population.