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A Kauffman Scholars alum poses in front of the KSI Legacy Wall inside the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center.

During a night of joyful celebration, Dr. DeAngela Burns-Wallace acknowledged how Kauffman Scholars embodies the legacy of Ewing Kauffman.

The front entrance of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation features two bronze statues of Mr. and Mrs. Kauffman.

Careers It’s your right to be uncommon if you can. You seek opportunity to compete. You desire to take the calculated risk, to dream, to build, yes, even to fail, and to succeed. — Ewing Marion Kauffman Associates of the Kauffman Foundation work to provide access to opportunities that help people achieve financial stability, upward mobility, […]

Dr. Susan Klusmeier

Susan Klusmeier, Ed.D., is chief of staff for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. A native of the Chicago suburbs, she brings 20 years of experience as a strategic, innovative, and collaborative leader in higher education. Throughout her career, Dr. Klusmeier has advocated for and implemented data-informed policies and practices to support access to education and […]

Amplify attendees

Friday, November 11, 2022 Friday’s conference kick-off centered on self-care. On the agenda was chair yoga with Dr. Auburn Ellis, chair massages, mindfulness with Solissa Franco-McKay and Wanda Bentrop, and BoxOut Stress with Ritichie Cherry. DJ Ben Rich DJ’d the evening. Saturday, November 12, 2022 Opening keynotes Tysie McDowell and Nicole Goodman spoke about how […]

Best in Class: Using America's New Business Plan's Four Pillars as a Model for Increasing Access to Procurement Opportunities deep dive cover

The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the whole world, spending over $630 billion each year. In recent years, small businesses have experienced a vast decline in their participation rate in federal contracts; new entrants that are small businesses have declined 79% from 2005-2019, driving a renewed effort among policymakers […]

Dr. Christopher Emdin speaks to Amplify attendees at the Kauffman Foundation Conference Center

2022 Forward Focus: Toward a paradigm of liberation, empowerment, and inclusion > 2021 Healing, Justice, and Remembrance > 2017-2020 More information coming soon. Stay tuned!