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Kauffman Issue Brief: Student Loans and Entrepreneurship: An Overview

The relationship between student loan debt and entrepreneurship sits at the intersection of many questions related to labor markets, higher education, business dynamism, innovation, and capital markets. This brief considers these intersections.

Kauffman Issue Brief: Mentoring in Entrepreneurship Support: Some Basics

Mentoring is offered as a feature to support entrepreneurs in a variety of entrepreneurship support programs, including incubators, accelerators, small business chambers, and entrepreneurship education initiatives. Mentoring is a popular entrepreneurship support intervention, and it can be offered either as a main focus or as one of several features in a package of offerings.

Kauffman Issue Brief: How Quickly do New Employer Businesses Hire?

Entrepreneurship is often heralded as important to the economy because of its job creation effects. These jobs come from new employer businesses, a small but important subset of entrepreneurial activity in the United States.

Kauffman Issue Brief: Measuring Accelerator Performance

Understanding the performance of accelerators is important to a wide range of individuals and organizations: participating startups, accelerator managers and staff, investors, partners, donors, funders, and policymakers.

Kauffman Issue Brief: Accelerators: The Basics

Accelerators are entrepreneurship support programs primarily aimed at helping participating startups scale-up and access early customers.