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The cover of a Kauffman Indicators report titled, "Job Creation by Firm Age: Recent Trends in the United States"

Entrepreneurship is often heralded as a driver of job creation. Research finds that young firms are responsible for most net new jobs. There is wide variation, however, in the number of jobs that young firms generate. While some new firms never hire employees and others are responsible for only modest job creation, a small share of new firms experiences extraordinarily high growth and creates a significant number of jobs.

A cover of the paper titled, "New Business Applications during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

In 2020 and 2021, the number of business applications filed each month experienced a great deal of volatility, deviating sharply from historical values. As business applications are often used as an indicator for the general health of the economy, this paper examines these data more closely.

A cover of the methods paper titled, "New Employer Business Trends: A Methodological Note"

The New Employer Business Indicators have been compiled in an effort to provide information on new employer businesses, a subset of all entrepreneurial activity. The series provides users with measures to estimate and track trends in the emergence of these businesses, their representation in the population and among all firms, and the time it takes these businesses to make a first payroll.