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Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) 2019, Manama, Bahrain | Photo by Matthew Pozel

Three reasons why entrepreneurship isn’t just an American Dream

After GEC 2019 in Bahrain, Victor Hwang shares the invigorating and humbling experience of seeing the bloom of entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Each time I go to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, I come back wishing that I could share the experience with everyone who is working to improve ecosystems for entrepreneurs in the U.S. Eleven years ago, the conference was started by Kauffman in its hometown of Kansas City, Missouri. Now, GEC is held in a different international location each year, and involves about 2,000 attendees – including entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurship champions – representing more than 170 countries and running programs that reach millions.

So often, head down in our work, we forget that we are at the center of a global network. It’s humbling, on a global stage, to be asked, “What does Kauffman think?” about a whole range of topics, including: how to support entrepreneurs, how to build ecosystems, how to measure, and how to create policies. It’s an eye-opening, invigorating experience to be there and to realize how our work provides guidance and knowledge that touches so many.

So, I want to share a few takeaways from the 2019 Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Manama, Bahrain.


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