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COVID’s America: Majority of readers predict change is coming

Diverse people wearing face masks

In mid-April, more than 275 readers weighed in on how they believe the COVID-19 pandemic will impact the future of education, work, and small business.

This time, will we learn?

We asked our readers to share their thoughts about what the current health and economic crisis is revealing about our systems and society.

From our readers >

The findings of this informal survey show most readers predict change is coming. However, feelings about where, how, and to what degree change will come is mixed. When we look deeper into readers’ written thoughts about the impact of coronavirus, we recognize an intelligent community of collaborators and practitioners, crafting solutions toward a new normal. As always, we appreciate the thoughtfulness and openness of our readers.

Below are aggregate findings and statistical outputs of the informal survey. The survey offered brief prompts about the future of education, the workplace, the value of small business, and priorities and roles of lawmakers and regional leadership. Readers were asked to provide a numerical value sentiment (0 = strongly disagree; 100 = strongly agree) about what they believe.

Reader Response: I believe the COVID-19 era will...