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There’s no ‘easy button’ to creating inclusive teams, but it is an essential part of a winning workforce

Davyeon Ross, founder of ShotTracker, takes a photo with his team
Davyeon Ross, founder of ShotTracker, with the ShotTracker team.
WATCH: “No ‘easy button’ to creating inclusive teams” | 3:34

The importance of deliberately seeking diverse perspectives and intersecting networks

Former college basketball star turned entrepreneur, investor, and employer Davyeon Ross talks with Kauffman Foundation President and CEO Wendy Guillies about how he builds and prioritizes diverse, inclusive teams.

As we make plans to go back to work in person, and discuss the future of the workplace, let’s not forget one critical component: a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Building successful teams is no accident. Organizational teams that are diverse and inclusive exhibit qualities that are fast becoming the new standard for rebuilding our workforce better.

In this video, Kauffman CEO and President Wendy Guillies talks with entrepreneur, investor, and former college basketball star Davyeon Ross about how his company, ShotTracker, has built a diverse team in the tech industry. ShotTracker is a sensor-based system that captures real-time basketball statistics and performance analytics during games and practice.

“There’s no silver bullet,” says Ross. “We’ve tried to be really deliberate. We can’t hit the ‘easy’ button.”

Sharing that – in its work and inside its organization – the Kauffman Foundation is committed to creating racial equity, Guillies discusses with Ross how organizations can do the work to remove barriers rooted in systemic racism and racial bias.

Ross’ team-building strategies include:

  • Explore biases that everyone has to break down barriers.
  • Make everyone responsible.
  • Lead with openness, empathy.
  • Keep the conversation going.
  • Follow up with action.
  • Create teams that represent your customers/markets.
  • Get out of your bubble – intersect team members’ different networks.
  • Be deliberate and intentional in how you create diversity.

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