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Entrepreneurs Visit Capitol Hill
Watch: "Entrepreneurs Visit Capitol Hill" | 2:07

Making inclusive entrepreneurship a reality

The message delivered to policymakers on Capitol Hill was simple: How will you champion ALL entrepreneurs?

“I really want them to believe that inclusive entrepreneurship is possible, and I want that dialogue to start changing,” said William Thomas, co-founder of MORTAR. “And then from there to start working together to figure out how we actually start making sure that it is a reality. With an inclusive, diverse entrepreneurship ecosystem, we can really change what our cities look like and what job creation looks like as well.”

The message delivered to policymakers on Capitol Hill was simple: “How will you champion all entrepreneurs?”

It’s a message and mission lived by the group of 33 entrepreneurial champions, who joined us for the Kauffman Foundation’s ninth-annual State of Entrepreneurship Address Feb. 28 in Washington, D.C.

The diverse group from across the country work every day to start and grow their businesses and to help their entrepreneurial communities thrive. They see first-hand the barriers to success our country’s makers, doers and dreamers face. It was those stories that they took to Washington; inviting their elected officials to build relationships with constituent entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders and to learn more about the specific barriers that hold them back.


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