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Two racially diverse Amplify attendees sit at a table, one holding pamphlets and the other taking notes.


The Kauffman Foundation provides access to opportunities that help people achieve financial stability, upward mobility, and economic prosperity – regardless of race, gender, or geography.

We seek to prepare people for success in their jobs and careers. Our work is grounded in the principles of racial equity, diversity, and inclusion and is consistent with the aspirations of our founder, Ewing Marion Kauffman.

Grants, projects, and programs are organized in these key areas: foundational learning, career & life ready, systems & conditions, and community relations & initiatives. Our approach is designed to benefit thousands of Black and Latino Kansas Citians by focusing on effective and equitable education and entrepreneurial opportunities for all.

Pre-K classroom

Foundational Learning

Students of all ages have the necessary academic and mental skills to succeed in the next phase of their education and learning.

Key investment areas:

A mentor helps a student during an internship project inside a lab.

Career & Life Ready

Individuals are equipped with information, resources, credentials, and confidence to navigate, seek, secure, and advance sustainable employment along their chosen career paths, including starting and growing a business.

Key investment areas:

Systems & Conditions

Policymakers and community leaders have access to the information and networks they need to make well-informed decisions that affect people’s ability to receive training, resources, and opportunities they desire with fewer barriers in the way.

Key investment areas:

Kansas City skyline

Kansas City Community Relations & Initiatives

We provide intentional service in the community and support broad Kansas City priorities that go beyond our core programmatic support and strongly align with our Kansas City impact goals.

Key investment areas:

  • Community Engagement
  • Supporting Organizations & Initiatives