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Navigating the Fog
Watch: "Navigating the Fog" | 10:06

Navigating the fog

How ecosystem builders help entrepreneurs on their journey.

The typical journey of an entrepreneur is a long drive on a twisting road. Even the most fortunate founders face challenges around every corner. For people without the experience, networks and financial resources, there are even more barriers to launching a successful company.

A community with a support system can help entrepreneurs navigate the obstacles in the road. A new role – the ecosystem builder – is emerging in communities across the country to help entrepreneurs in a more deliberate way. Ecosystem builders might work in economic development agencies, universities, non-profits, within local governments, but they all recognize how entrepreneurs bring vibrancy to their communities. With new businesses come the new jobs, skilled workers, ideas and innovations that help cities and towns thrive.

But, much like entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders can’t operate in isolation. In this video, learn how convenings like the ESHIP Summit are providing the means for ecosystem builders to share ideas, co-create the tools and replicate success from one community to another.


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