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Beat the clock: Can you identify these 40 risk-takers?

Inspired by submissions from our readers, we’ve built this interactive quiz to test your knowledge of known risk-takers throughout history to present day.

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After compiling suggestions from our readers, test your knowledge of famous and historical risk-takers.

How to play: Click the green “Play Quiz” button below. You’ll see a clue appear in black text. Underneath, boxes will appear with names that could be the possible answer. Click the box which contains the correct name associated with each clue. If you miss one, that’s okay — move on to the next clue! Have fun.

Looking for a cheat sheet or study guide? Click here.

“The Risk Optimistic” is about belief: the assurance that taking a chance is worthwhile, even without knowing the outcome. It’s also the belief that if we value and support risk – in policy, community, and culture – we benefit from each person’s ability to make choices to achieve success. With this initiative, Kauffman kicks off 2020 with insights, stories, and opportunities to explore what it means to take risks, and own your own success, however you choose to define it.


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