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Between 1990 and 2007, the proportion of immigrants in the U.S. labor force increased from 9.3 percent ... to 15.7 percent, and a large and growing proportion of immigrants bring high levels of education and ... Immigrant-founded U.S. ... expressed strong entrepreneurial aspirations, and the majority believed that their best opportunities for entrepreneurship ... entrepreneurship for the Kauffman Foundation.
Up for Grabs pdf The United States stands to lose valuable economic contributors unless it removes immigration ... The ability to retain international STEM graduates has implications for U.S. entrepreneurship, innovation ... “If we want to maintain our edge amid intensifying global competition, then our immigration policies ... students, including: Adopt the Immigration Innovation Act (or the I-Squared Act), which would increase ... The Kauffman researchers recommended that Congress avoid lumping illegal immigration with legal immigration
This increased rate of entrepreneurship was seen across most demographic categories, with the largest ... While the West continues to have a higher rate of entrepreneurship than other parts of the country do ... The immigrant rate of entrepreneurial activity declined slightly from 0.53 percent in 2008 to 0.51 percent ... The youngest age group (twenty to thirty-four) has a substantially lower entrepreneurship rate (0.24 ... Entrepreneurship rates increased the most for college-educated individuals (0.31 percent to 0.34 percent
their employment is not growing rapidly, all of the top-ranked states show above-average levels of entrepreneurship ... technological innovation, and many have a good quality of life coupled with high levels of domestic and foreign immigration