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State economic rankings, though popular with think tanks, policymakers, media and even some academics, cannot be taken at face value, according to this article.
State business climate rankings are popular and can be influential in policymaking. Past academic studies have criticized those rankings for being based on some subjective criteria and on state-level data. This paper proposes, first, that a business climate is an individual perception, and second, that a business climate is a case-specific condition depending on industries […]
New business formation rebounded in 2011, after four years of decline, from the depths of the Great Recession.
While the rebound in job creation emerging from the Great Recession is encouraging, its rate of recovery lags well behind the pace of other recent recessions. In a paper using BDS 2011 data, "Anemic Job Creation and Growth in the Aftermath of the Great Recession: Are Home Prices to Blame?", researchers at the University of Maryland and Census Bureau explore the relation between the decline in housing prices at the heart of this recession and job creation at young firms.