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Art and Inspiration

by Chase Public

Poets from Cincinnati-based collaborative space Chase Public explored the world of ecosystem building through short order poetry: narrative poems, crafted on the spot, typed on a manual typewriter, and given as a gift. On the last day of the ESHIP Summit, Chase Public delivered a final synthesis poem which depicted the themes and energy of the Summit.

by Clay & Milk

Clay & Milk, an entrepreneurship publication based in Des Moines, depicted the the ESHIP Summit through a unique lens. Using conversation and photography, visual artist Jami Milne of Clay & Milk captured authentic stories of ESHIP Summit attendees.

by Sike Style

Muralist, studio artist, and graphic designer Phil Shafer, aka Sike Style, from Kansas City used graffiti art to inspire ecosystem builders at the ESHIP Summit. Painted on the spot at the Summit Crossroads Block Party, with attendees viewing the creation process, Sike Style’s graffiti mural embodies the ESHIP Summit’s notion of a collaborative culture.

by Paulo Gregory Harris

Paulo Gregory Harrisartivist from Baltimore and ESHIP Summit firestarter, introduced ESHIP Summit attendees to the notion of Cohado: “the awareness of the interconnectedness of the universe, and that we are here to re-weave that web.” Cohado, a game based on the visions and values of a thriving community, was first released at the ESHIP Summit; it models the change of culture necessary to build real and sustainable communities.

What the People Say from Cohado on Vimeo | 4:10

DJs-In Residence, Shawn King and Jesse Elliott, used music, video, interviews, photos, spoken word, and found objects to remix the entire ESHIP Summit. These music ecosystem builders blended themes, quotes, attendee insight, images, and more into interstitial music to bring attendees into and out of the plenary sessions—live synthesis through multimedia.

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