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The Ecosystem Building Unconference turned the agenda over to the attendees, giving anyone the opportunity to lead a 20-minute presentation and discussion related to their work while meeting likeminded people. Like all good unconferences, the agenda was designed through a collaborative effort of all attendees. Download the Unconference Board [JPG]

Ecosystem Builder Marketplace

An early prototype of a marketplace for ecosystem-building tools and resources was debuted at this year’s ESHIP Summit. The Ecosystem Building Marketplace aims to offer a collectively populated and open-access directory of resources available to support those building entrepreneurial communities.

Watch: “ESHIP Summit 2018 Firestarters: Enoch Elwell and Tianna Weaver” | 8:43

The ESHIP Summit also offered the second Ecosystem Builder Science Fair, an opportunity to share and learn more about the growing number of resources and practices for building thriving entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Attendees showcased their learnings, research, tools, and work (or works-in-progress), as a curated collection of tabletop presentations inspired by a seventh-grade science fair and organized around key themes of ecosystem building.

Science Fair