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ESHIP Summit 2019

2019 Firestarters

Our 2019 Firestarters had a common thread – the power of action in an entrepreneurial community. As we move through the Deliver phase of this work, watch these Firestarters for inspiration.

Victor Hwang, vice president, Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation opened the 2019 ESHIP Summit by asking the question, “What can you do?” to help entrepreneurs, change communities, and be the leaders you have been waiting for by growing our own.
Dell Gines, senior community development advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City discusses overcoming the challenges of minority communities in the middle of prosperous cities and how to address them with new economic development approaches.
ESHIP community activator Cecilia Wessinger describes the role of the community activator role and how she can support ecosystem builders and entrepreneurs along with introducing the initiatives that we can work on together.

Kauffman Foundation President and CEO Wendy Guillies explores the state of entrepreneurship at the national level and how we can help to create a healthier economy for all communities.
Joe Kapp, president and CEO, National Center for Resource Development tells his personal story and the role entrepreneurship plays in social justice & social change; taking us from Silicon Valley to rural West Virginia.
Co-founders of the Mixtroz App Kerry Schrader and Ashley Ammons deep dive into their personal journey as entrepreneurs, the challenges that come with it, and the role that their ecosystems have played to help them in that journey.