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We support ideas and
solutions designed to
improve education,
boost entrepreneurship,
and help communities
and individuals

To meet the aspirations of our mission, it is important to collect demographic data so that we can better understand how we are serving various communities. For more information, please read our REDI frequently asked questions.

Submit an idea

The Kauffman Foundation is open to new ideas and innovative project submissions at any time throughout the year. We do not have proposal deadlines or established maximum and minimum dollar amounts. Grant amounts vary depending on the scope of the specific project and the size of the organization. We are grateful for the hard work and passion you put into your work. Because of that, we try our best to review every idea we receive within 30 days and get back to you. However, we do receive a lot of strong applications. Please know that, as much as we would like to, we simply can not respond to every submission personally.

If your organization or project is eligible, you can submit an idea. Your idea will be reviewed and if it’s a good match with the Foundation’s priorities, you will be notified requesting you to complete a full application.

Have an idea?

Determine if your idea meets our grants criteria

My request supports activities in the United States and/or its territories.

My request does not support any of the following: institutions that discriminate; lobbying, legislative, or political activities; political, social, or fraternal organizations; endowment; religious activities; request from individuals, including direct scholarship; bricks and mortar, including buildings or housing; loans, expenses, or seed capital for a private business; medical (physical or mental health).

My request is related to education, entrepreneurship, or Kansas City metropolitan civic initiatives.

My request is not for money to start a business or fund patent expenses.

Your idea is eligible! Submit it here.

We appreciate being considered as a potential funder and contributor to your endeavors. Although the Foundation recognizes the importance of your request, regrettably, we are not able to provide funding. We realize that seeking funding can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, and we regret that we are able to fund only a small percentage of the requests that we receive. The Foundation Center might be able to help you identify potential funders. It offers a comprehensive database of U.S. grantmakers and the criteria for their grants. We wish you success in securing funding and in the future success of your endeavors.

Request for proposals (RFPs)

Periodically, requests for proposals (RFPs) may be issued to invite qualified organizations who meet specialized criteria for a grant. Within a structured set of terms and conditions, each RFP features distinct requirements for a limited time with specific deadlines. The competitive process is designed to identify and advance uncommon approaches to support social progress and well-being.

–Current RFP Grant Opportunities–

No RFP grant opportunities are currently available at this time. Please subscribe to receive updates.

–Coming Soon–


A limited amount of funds are dedicated every year to sponsor events in the Kansas City area that connect people and raise funding for vital programs. Funding decisions are based on alignment to Kauffman Foundation priorities, a focus on racial equity, and available budget at the time of the request.

  • Sponsorships typically range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the size of the event and the benefits associated with the sponsorship.
  • Sponsorships are intended to support organizations and programs that align with the strategic focus of the Foundation, but are not currently receiving Foundation funding.
  • Current grantees are not eligible for sponsorship due to the limited budget; however, grantees with a special anniversary event (example – centennial celebration of the organization) will be considered.
  • One request per Kansas City-based organization will be considered per year.
  • Requests for sponsorship must be at least eight weeks in advance of the event to ensure adequate review time by our team.

Because the IRS defines sponsorships differently from grants, each request must also be accompanied by a sponsorship benefits listing so the Foundation will be in compliance.

What we don’t fund

  • Institutions that discriminate on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation in policy or in practice.
  • Lobbying, legislative, or political activities.
  • International organizations or programs.
  • Endowments.
  • Bricks and mortar, such as buildings and housing.
  • Programs in furtherance of religious activities.
  • Requests from individuals, including direct sponsorships.
  • Political, social, or fraternal organizations.
  • Art or performance programming.
  • Loans, startup expenses, or seed-capital funding for private businesses.
  • Medical research or programs for people with a specific physical, medical, or psychological condition.

Our list of other resources for individuals and organizations may provide additional guidance and options for funding of your project.