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Incentives for Entrepreneurial Firms

The purpose of this report is to provide practitioners and policymakers with insights regarding the use of business incentives and guidance for offering incentives to entrepreneurial firms.

A cover of the methods paper titled, "New Employer Business Trends: A Methodological Note"

The New Employer Business Indicators have been compiled in an effort to provide information on new employer businesses, a subset of all entrepreneurial activity. The series provides users with measures to estimate and track trends in the emergence of these businesses, their representation in the population and among all firms, and the time it takes these businesses to make a first payroll.

Establishment Mobility in the United States: Interstate Move-ins and Move-outs | Trends in Entrepreneurship #12

This brief explores the movement of establishments within the United States by calculating an interstate establishment mobility ratio. Establishment mobility reflects the overall movement of establishments across states, and includes establishments in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.