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Beyond our extensive research, the Kauffman Foundation has developed and supported a variety of books, publications and other resources that furthers our work.

Mayors Roundtable, hosted by Betsy Hodges
Betsy Hodges, former Mayor of Minneapolis and expert in local anti-racism policies, with mayors and experts explored policies that explicitly address racial justice in systemic ways. The conversation ranged from specific policies to understanding how systems can affect people in unseen and insidious ways. Join us for a deeper understanding of how local policy, systems, and racial bias prevent economic inclusion and how some leaders are talking the problem head on.
Mayors Roundtable, hosted by Sly James
Education is necessary for individual economic achievement. Failings in the education system directly result in economic exclusion, particularly for already vulnerable populations. The former Mayor of Kansas City, Sly James, made education a focus of his administration often argued for early childhood education would have positive impact on economic outcomes for the community as a whole. James gathered local leaders to discuss how other communities implemented early childhood education and connected it to economic growth.
Mayors Roundtable with Mark Stodola
In this conversation, Mark Stodola, former Mayor of Little Rock and policy leader on the future of work, is joined by Chattanooga, Tennessee Mayor Andy Berke; Huntington, West Virginia Mayor Steve Williams; Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Steve Benjamin; Des Moines, Iowa Mayor Frank Cownie; and Juliet Schor, Economist and Sociology Professor at Boston College. The discussion ranged from whether the gig-economy lived up to the hype, or did it merely exacerbate already existent issues. Also, they discussed what a prepared workforce might look like, and how that might impact entrepreneurship in cities.
The 8th annual State of Entrepreneurship Address discussed the resurgence of entrepreneurship in the United States, but also that three megatrends must be taken into account to reverse the longer term decline of startups.