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Rethink Ed 2018

Rethink ED

Time to Rethink Education

The future is now – and all youth deserve the best quality learning.

We must come together – the makers, doers, and dreamers – to rethink education by collaboratively creating tools, resources, and knowledge to better support our communities of students, educators, parents, and leaders.

Watch: “Rethink ED Recap” | 2:22

Rethink ED is a community coming together to connect, learn, represent, and reinvest. We elevate the often untold story of innovation in education happening right in the midwest, changing lives for students in the heartland. We learn so that we can share it with the Rethink ED community all around the United States. We activate collaboration and connection to create new ideas and inspire change. And we elevate voices that are often unheard.

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