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Rethink YOUTH

Rethink Youth

Rethink everything. Youth will show us the way!
Rethink Youth
Student speaking at Rethink Ed 2019
High school students participate in design thinking in 2019 Rethink ED convening.

Rethink Youth is a new convening, an extension of the Rethink ED annual gathering, designed and run by students to elevate and explore the power of youth voice in changing education.

In collaboration with KCSIC, we’re launching Rethink Youth – a virtual, youth-fueled conference dedicated to elevating youth voice. Rethink Youth will challenge all of us to re-imagine, re-design, re-build, and re-engage with the education system – all through the lens and leadership of Kansas City metro area students.

Youth take center stage

Presenter at Rethink Ed
Kauffman Scholar alumni expresses what needs to change in education in 2018 Rethink ED convening.

Youth voice helps to democratize the classroom and boost student empowerment and engagement through choice. Youth voice lies at the heart of the Rethink Youth experience. Whether you’re a teen that joins the experience or an educator that hears our youth’s voices, you will have to rethink what young people can do.

Rethink Youth is designed and developed by students. The student committees learn real world experiences as they produce original content that can spur change, increase agency, and deliver real outcomes in education.

Save the season: Rethink Youth is a virtual event coming this winter!

Students answering the prompt, "Education is..." at Rethink Ed 2018
2018 Rethink ED convening.

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