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Our Youth

Learn more about some of the youth who participated in developing our 2021 conference by clicking through the slideshow or reading their bios.

Rethink who they are and what they are capable of achieving.

Meghan, Rethink Youth 2021
Emma, Rethink Youth 2021
Dell, Rethink Youth 2021
Emma, Rethink Youth 2021
Jhene, Rethink Youth 2021
Alexa, Rethink Youth 2021
Lizzy, Rethink Youth 2021
Haleigh, Rethink Youth 2021
Jamal, Rethink Youth 2021
Gabriela, Rethink Youth 2021
Michaela, Rethink Youth 2021
Guadalupe, Rethink Youth 2021
Brennah, Rethink Youth 2021
Natalya, Rethink Youth 2021
Terraye, Rethink Youth 2021
Natalie, Rethink Youth 2021
Thomas, Rethink Youth 2021
Ashlee, Rethink Youth 2021
Kyla, Rethink Youth 2021
Audri, Rethink Youth 2021
Itzel, Rethink Youth 2021
Abigail, Rethink Youth 2021
Mesmariah, Rethink Youth 2021
Anna, Rethink Youth 2021
Madison, Rethink Youth 2021
Jaiden, Rethink Youth 2021
Sirneh, Rethink Youth 2021
Damion, Rethink Youth 2021
Arianna, Rethink Youth 2021
Jordyn, Rethink Youth 2021
Selina, Rethink Youth 2021
Valentina, Rethink Youth 2021
Victor, Rethink Youth 2021
Gabby, Rethink Youth 2021
Alysia, Rethink Youth 2021
Kayierrah, Rethink Youth 2021
Shilla, Rethink Youth 2021
QuVaunna, Rethink Youth 2021

Meet Liberty

Liberty is a current dual high school senior and college student with a passion for educating others on the wonderful world of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). She has served within her communities by educating crowds on different STEAM subjects, while making it a priority to be an inspiration to all and a role model to others.

Additionally, Liberty has served as a programmer and lead programmer on two competitive robotics teams, and currently serves as an instructor and marketer for a nonprofit, whose goal is to close the gender gap in STEM. Planning to be a 17-year-old, full-time computer science and business major, Liberty is both a determined student and a passionate educator — to not only the next generation but to all who are curious about the wonderful world of STEAM.

Meet Jamal

Jamal is a sophomore athlete for Northeast High School. Other than playing baseball, Jamal is interested in fashion and shoes. He one day hopes to own a street-wear business and to be an interior designer for Rolls Royce.

Meet Selina

Selina is on the swim team at KCPS East High School. She is not only a member of her school’s 4-H Club, but she is also one of the leaders. Outside of school, Selina enjoys baking, cooking, and painting. She is also aspiring to become a nurse.

Meet Ashton

Ashton, Rethink Youth 2021

Ashton is a senior at Liberty North High School. He currently teaches a philosophy course at Liberty North and serves as an editor for the school newspaper. Ashton loves the outdoors and enjoys finding new ways to enjoy nature. Following graduation, he will be attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where he will receive his M.A. in political philosophy and ethics.

Meet Guadalupe

Guadalupe, Rethink Youth 2021

Guadalupe is a senior, and she enjoys playing soccer and tennis. She has been heavily involved in leadership groups, including Rethink. In the future, she hopes to own and open a salon. Guadalupe aspires to make sure that everyone feels like their best selves.

Meet Anna

Anna, Rethink Youth 2021

Raytown South High School senior Anna has been heavily involved in her school during her academic career. She worked as a stage manager and an assistant director in the Theatre department. She is also a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee, a group committed to improve racial equity, and her school’s chapter of the National Honors Society. Anna is currently working to receive her CNA license and plans to attend UMKC’s nursing program. Anna is thrilled to be a part of the Rethink Youth conference and hopes that the conference’s goal of furthering students’ voices continues.

Meet Mesmariah

Mesmariah, Rethink Youth 2021

Mesmariah is a student at Raytown High School and loves to be involved. She is currently working on the hair and makeup design for the musical, “Pippin,” in addition to preparing for debate tournaments and participating in service projects with the Student Council. Mesmariah aspires to work in a nonprofit or educational organization, especially one that brings together art and education.

Meet Terraye

Terraye, Rethink Youth 2021

Terraye is currently a junior at Liberty High School, where she is involved in the AVID program and the track team. After graduation, Terraye plans to go to college to student secondary education to become a high school educator.

Meet Ashlee

Ashlee, Rethink Youth 2021

Ashlee is a student at Crossroads Prep Academy. Outside of school, she is a member of the All-Girls Considered organization. She enjoys painting, reading, and watching her favorite show, “Psych.” After graduating high school, Ashlee hopes to sell her art and open a tea business.

Meet Alysia

Alysia, Rethink Youth 2021

Alysia is a freshman at Hogan Prep Academy. With her entrepreneurial spirit, she makes and sells jewelry. Outside of school and her business, Alysia enjoys basketball, editing, art, and more!