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Rethink YOUTH
Rethink Youth


Kauffman and KCSIC share the vision on the imperative of elevating youth voice and democratizing the classroom setting, and this concept lies at the center of the Rethink Youth experience. Young people have not been equipped with the language and platform necessary to deeply influence and take ownership of their educational experience.

Student at Rethink Ed
Students participate on panel at Rethink ED 2018.

The mission of the Rethink Youth conference is to accelerate student student-centric influence and change by utilizing student input to rethink and reimagine the learner experience, guided by core values of disruption, democracy, and student leadership.

Rethink Youth is a youth-developed conference that re-imagines, redesigns, rebuilds, and re-engages the systems and pedagogy that frame education both in Kansas City and throughout the country. With the voice of our region’s youth at the forefront of this movement, the Rethink Youth conference will serve as a hub of collaboration and real-world learning while producing innovative and thought-provoking content around education.