Kauffman Moonshot Challenge

How might we invest $1 trillion in entrepreneurs over the next 10 years?

That’s the question we asked ourselves — and 50 diverse thought leaders — during a Kauffman Foundation design thinking session focused on removing financial barriers for under-capitalized entrepreneurs.

We call this the “Moonshot” question. The Kauffman Foundation is working with entrepreneurs, policymakers, funders, philanthropies and others partners to collect innovative, testable ideas to change the system for investing in entrepreneurs.

That’s because the American dream is on hold. Firm creation is at a 30-year low; corporate consolidation and income inequality is at an all-time high.

We believe that lack of access to capital is a major barrier to increasing entrepreneurial activity in the United States. Entrepreneurial investment is at an all-time low. Financial resources to start a business are not equally distributed, leaving gaps in the market.

The Kauffman Moonshot Challenge

Just as John F. Kennedy’s “moonshot” to send a man to the moon was planned in one-, three-, five- and 10-year horizons in the 1960s, we challenged ourselves to think through the following:

“What do we need to build today as we seek to empower the makers, the doers and the dreamers? And what should we build in the next few years?”

Working with Bryce Butler at Access Ventures and Ross Baird at Village Capital, we started taking action to uncover solutions at our first Moonshot design session in April 2017 at the Kauffman Foundation.

Together, we collected hundreds of ideas developed over a two-day working session. Now, we're ready to expand on these initial ideas generated in that first session to reach a broader audience and attract more ideas, some of which the Foundation may put to a test.

How would you invest $1 trillion in America's under-served entrepreneurs over the next decade?

Join a critical conversation about the future of the American Dream.

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