The Kauffman Foundation is working to reduce barriers and provide support by empowering entrepreneurship advocates, increasing entrepreneurs' and policymakers' understandings of how policy affects entrepreneurship, and continuing to build relationships with policymakers.

Ecosystem builder at the 2018 State of Entrepreneurship Address

Entrepreneurs are pointing the way to economic inclusion

Barriers are falling, but we are a long way from zero. Fortunately, entrepreneurs are leading the way.

Taking the Voice of Entrepreneurs to Capitol Hill, State of Entrepreneurship 2018, The Kauffman Foundation

Taking the voice of entrepreneurs to Capitol Hill

35 entrepreneurs, grantees, and entrepreneur advocates visited Capitol Hill Feb. 28 to discuss the barriers that America's makers, doers, and dreamers face in starting and growing businesses.

Kelsey Hampton at the Entrepreneurship Policy Network meeting

How policy and advocacy are vital to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs' Policy Network bolsters plan to empower those who support entrepreneurs to be effective policy advocates.


2019 State of Entrepreneurship

In the 2019 State of Entrepreneurship Address, we discussed how, together, we can grow inclusive and empowering economies and the best ways to support the makers, the doers, and the dreamers.

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Startup Week Across America

Though new businesses are vital to our country's economic growth, many policymakers may not know about the latest startups in their states and districts. Startup Week Across America is an opportunity for senators and representatives to learn more about local startups and discuss the important role entrepreneurs play in our economy.

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