The Kauffman Foundation aims to create actionable insights, data-driven models, and practical tools that align with core strategies and support reducing barriers for entrepreneurs through key reports, such as the Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship and other papers or articles.

Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship

The Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship offers in-depth measures, reports, and accompanying interactive data visualizations that present entrepreneurial trends in the United States.

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Research-to-Practice Translation

The Kauffman Foundation's entrepreneurship research-to-practice translation work creates a bridge between research and practice. Our approach includes the development of both research-to-practice and practice-to-research translation. Activities include translating research findings and creating processes, opportunities, and infrastructure for researchers to engage in, develop, and access translation capabilities.

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Knowledge Challenge: Insight to Impact

The Knowledge Challenge is a biannual program that invites proposers to submit proposals for research activities aimed at improving our basic understanding of entrepreneurs and the levers, tools, and methods that can advance entrepreneurship in the United States. The Knowledge Challenge is open to proposers conducting research in universities and academic institutions, laboratories, companies, nonprofit organizations, and as individuals. The goal is to produce tangible insights for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship program and policy design, ecosystem leaders, and researchers.

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Research-to-Practice Bootcamp

The annual Research-to-Practice Bootcamp program is designed to encourage and connect research with practical problems related to entrepreneurship. Ph.D. students and untenured researchers (e.g. pre-tenure, postdocs, and non-university researchers) based at U.S. institutions are eligible to apply. This program is particularly well-suited for early-stage Ph.D. students who have not yet finalized a dissertation proposal, as well as researchers within five years of their Ph.D. who are interested in, but have not previously studied, entrepreneurship.

Research-to-Practice Translation Bootcamp

Data Resources

The Data Resources page contains Entrepreneurship Research Data Overviews that provide guidance on how to use certain datasets, serving as a data reference guide for academics, other data providers, or anyone interested in new research developments in entrepreneurship. This also provides a complete list of Data Resources and other Entrepreneurship Databases.

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Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs: Removing Barriers

New businesses play an important role in economic dynamism in the United States, contributing to the economy by creating jobs, innovations, and productivity growth.

This report identifies barriers entrepreneurs face in accessing capital, surveys efforts to break down these barriers, and identifies possible responses.

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U.S. Census Bureau's Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs

The Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs provides a timely, more frequent socio-economic portrait of the nation's employer businesses by gender, ethnicity, race, and veteran status. It includes the number of years a firm has been in business, as well as extensive geographical coverage, with data at the national level, across all fifty states, and the fifty largest metropolitan areas in the country.

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Entrepreneurship Scholars

The Kauffman Foundation has funded a series of programs and initiatives designed to support the overall goal of advancing the study of entrepreneurship.

By assisting talented young scholars in their efforts to earn a Ph.D., encouraging early-career research, and recognizing ground-breaking research, the Kauffman Foundation has encouraged the best and the brightest to focus their academic careers on entrepreneurship.

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Research Reports

Kauffman Foundation research has contributed to a more in-depth understanding of what drives innovation and economic growth in an entrepreneurial world, and best practices for improving academic achievement in Greater Kansas City.

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