Kansas City Civic

Ewing Kauffman worked to enhance civic pride in his hometown and to make it a major league city.

The Foundation continues that legacy today and supports its vibrancy through investments in education, entrepreneurship, and civic initiatives in order to fulfill Mr. Kauffman's intent for Kansas City.

75,000+ students served through KC STEM Alliance in 2018.
~ 10,000 nonprofit staff served to date.
$60M growth in total financial capacity of Kauffman-supported institutions.
10th Annual Royals Ticket Giveaway 2018 at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Conference Center

Take me out to the ballgame: The 10th annual Royals Ticket Giveaway

The Foundation provided 4,000 complimentary tickets to the Royals home games for young fans who might not otherwise have the chance to attend a ballgame.

Maker Faire 2018 provides inventive, innovative way for students to experience hands-on learning in Kansas City, Mo.

Maker Faire 2018: When STEM meets show and tell, sparks of innovation and invention fly

Project-based and hands-on experiences put learning into action for students at “The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth."

Truman State Library

A major league city needs major league assets

The Foundation makes significant investments to help our key city assets increase long-term financial stability, most recently through a grant to the Truman Library Institute.

Kansas City Civic Focus Areas

Cross-program Initiatives

Kansas City Civic works to strengthen or kickstart initiatives that complement the Foundation's work in education and/or entrepreneurship across the Kansas City metropolitan area.

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Key City Assets

We support large-scale cultural institutions, such as Union Station, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the National WWI Museum and Memorial, and the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, that are deeply rooted in Kansas City and greatly contribute to its economic vibrancy and national relevance.

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Nonprofit Effectiveness

We invest in select intermediary organizations helping local human services and educational nonprofits to better meet community needs. Collectively, these support organizations provide leadership training, operational and administrative services, and professional development for the staff and volunteers of other nonprofit organizations in Greater Kansas City.

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Currents // Kansas City

Read stories of our impact in Kansas City.

Birmingham, Alabama, Opportunity Zones

Walking the talk in Opportunity Zones

Cities with an eye on progress see that Opportunity Zones must put community enhancing approaches on an equal plane with investor benefits.

Andy Billings, EA

Gaming at the speed of innovation

EA’s head of profitable creativity believes a safe space to “play” keeps teams ahead of the game.

Ewing and Muriel Kauffman, Kauffman Stadium, Royals

Confessions of a Major League Owner

"Kansas City has been good to me and I want to show I can return the favor." In the team's first souvenir program, Ewing Kauffman shared a letter with his fellow Royals fans.

2018 Annual Learning Report, Kauffman Foundation

Learning from grantees to become better grantmakers

In this Q&A, Matthew Carr, director of Evaluation at the Kauffman Foundation, talks about some of the key insights the Kauffman Foundation learned from grantees in 2018, and how the Foundation will use those lessons to become a better grantmaking organization.

What does it mean to be uncommon?