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A still from the July 2022 Entrepreneurship Issue Forum, "Seeding Inclusive and Equitable Recovery"

In a fast-paced, and increasingly unpredictable world, how we think about recovery and who it might benefit are key to supporting resilient, inclusive economies. What can the recent rounds of federal funding teach us about the complex issues related to the design and delivery of equitable and inclusive economic recovery programs? Watch the full forum below.

Kauffman Trends in Entrepreneurship: Are We Back? Early Stage Entrepreneurship Trends Two Years Into the COVID Pandemic

The landscape of entrepreneurship has changed dramatically since the emergence of COVID-19. In this brief, we highlight some of these changes based on findings from the Kauffman Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Indicators – a set of measures that track new business creation in the United States going back more than 25 years. We also examine how trends during COVID-19 compare to trends during the Great Recession.

A cover of the paper titled, "New Business Applications during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

In 2020 and 2021, the number of business applications filed each month experienced a great deal of volatility, deviating sharply from historical values. As business applications are often used as an indicator for the general health of the economy, this paper examines these data more closely.

A diverse, illustrated collage of people

Economist Rob Fairlie says the most recent update of the Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship’s Early-Stage Entrepreneurship data illustrates a highly resilient entrepreneurial community in the face of COVID-19 as well as extended growth in self-starters among emerging majorities, specifically among Latino founders.

Kauffman Knowledge Challenge

The 2022 Knowledge Challenge RFP is intended to support activities that improve our understanding of entrepreneurship and generate practical, actionable, and rigorous evidence to inform decision making and change systems. 

The cover of a Kauffman Indicators report titled, "Job Creation by Firm Age: Recent Trends in the United States"

Entrepreneurship is often heralded as a driver of job creation. Research finds that young firms are responsible for most net new jobs. There is wide variation, however, in the number of jobs that young firms generate. While some new firms never hire employees and others are responsible for only modest job creation, a small share of new firms experiences extraordinarily high growth and creates a significant number of jobs.

It takes all of us, working together, to change systems and move toward a society of economically empowered individuals contributing to the improvement of their communities. Our Uncommon Voices series features articles and stories from those working hard on issues that reduce racial inequality and support financial stability, upward mobility, and economic prosperity.