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Interested in joining the Capital Access Lab? We are seeking:

  • Fund managers who are testing and validating new approaches to investment, founder ownership, and investor liquidity. Examples might include revenue-based investing, performance-based equity, and employee stock ownership models.
  • A range of approaches to risk/return/liquidity that operate outside the traditional profile of venture capital and small business lenders.
  • Investment strategies linked to increased revenue growth and faster paths to profitability for entrepreneurs, rather than measuring success based on increases in valuation or additional funds raised.
  • Fund managers who aim to be a part of a broader community of practice seeking innovative ways to reduce barriers for entrepreneurial capital. We seek fund managers who are willing to open-source term sheets, share investment practices, and teach and learn together.

Further, funds can be sidecar, pilot, or experimental vehicles launched by established organizations, as well as new organizations. Fund managers will need to explain how support from the Capital Access Lab will be catalytic to the formation of a new strategy or model.

If you are a fund manager interested in applying for funding through the Capital Access Lab and have questions before you begin your application, please contact Brendan Cosgrove.

If you are interested in investing in the Capital Access Lab, or want to submit your ideas or best practices, please contact Agnes Dasewicz.

Interested fund managers ready to apply for funding through the Capital Access Lab can contact us through the Kauffman portal by Submitting a New Idea. To ensure you are considered as part of the Capital Access Lab, select your area of interest as “Entrepreneurship” and your strategic focus as “Capital Access.”