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Learning & Tools

What do alternative models of funding look like? Explore our learning resources and tools covering topics like public-private partnerships, new risk capital terms and vocabulary, financial models, and more.

By Jamie Finney, Greater Colorado Venture Fund (GCVF)

In order for new risk capital structures to become common practice, we need to create a common way of discussing them.

Explore Available Tools

By Village Capital

Abaca makes benchmarking the progress of your company easy and gives you a common language to use with investors, mentors, and your team as you seek capital and resources.

By Vested for Growth

Capital Compass is an online educational tool designed to help you increase your understanding of the factors that affect what type of capital you might consider for your business.

By Toniic

A free curated library of innovations in impact investing in terms and investment structures, available to entrepreneurs, investors, and impact professionals.

By Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Unlocking the power of data to help communities thrive.


INTRO provides access to equity-efficient funding options that fit your business.

By Reed McBride, Carta

While notes and SAFEs can be a great solution for founders, it’s important to understand the potential future impact before fundraising. Carta’s SAFE and Convertible Note Calculator will help you understand the potential dilutive impact of pre-money SAFEs, post-money SAFEs (aka YC SAFEs), and notes once they convert in a future priced round.