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Ecosystems in Action

Ecosystems in Action: Practices from the Field

Practices from the Field

This series of instructional briefs shares practical examples of entrepreneurial ecosystem building.

Inspired by sessions at the ESHIP Summit, each brief focuses on a single policy, program, or practice, and shares the story of how the practice was implemented in a community from the perspectives of community leaders. Combining storytelling with ecosystem building principles outlined in the Ecosystem Building Playbook v3.0, the briefs share tangible ideas and insights learned through implementation.

The series is designed for and informed by practitioners, to help one another build skills and add ideas and tools to their ecosystem building repertoire.

A facilitator stands at the front of a classroom full of participants and points to someone raising their hand.

Linking State Policy to Fund Entrepreneurs and Build Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

This brief outlines an example of how one organization, NetWork Kansas, leveraged state policy to address the perennial problem of access to capital for entrepreneurs. By financing a revolving loan fund, the program became a robust platform for entrepreneurial ecosystem development.

El Aprovechamiento de Políticas Estatales Para Proveer Fondos a Emprendedores y Para la Construcción de Ecosistemas Empresariales Sustentables

Este informe describe cómo una organización, NetWork Kansas, aprovechó políticas estatales para abordar el problema perenne de acceso a capital para emprendedores.  Al financiar un fondo rotatorio para créditos, el programa se convirtió en una plataforma robusta para el desarrollo del ecosistema emprendedor.

WATCH: “A Collective Impact Approach to Mobilize an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Boost Economic Recovery.” | 47:30

Using a Collective Impact Model to Mobilize a City’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Boost Economic Recovery

This brief highlights the collective impact model, through the story of City Alive. It focuses on how the five conditions of collective impact were employed over time to organize a coalition of working groups focused on growing an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Albuquerque.

Emplear un Modelo de Impacto Colectivo Para Movilizar el Ecosistema Emprendedor de una Ciudad Para Estimular la Recuperación Económica

Este informe resalta el modelo de impacto colectivo, utilizando la historia de City Alive. Narra como emplearon las cinco condiciones del impacto colectivo con el paso del tiempo, para organizar una coalición de grupos de trabajo, enfocados en crecer un sistema emprendedor inclusivo en Albuquerque.

WATCH: “Linking and Leveraging Assets in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Address Challenges and Crises” | 1:03:09

Linking and Leveraging Assets in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Address Challenges and Crises

Linking and leveraging assets across organizations in an entrepreneurial ecosystem is a practice that can be used to help communities and businesses adapt to complex challenges and crises. This brief tells the story of how organizations in two communities – Cook County, IL and Mesa, AZ – worked together to link and leverage assets across the entrepreneurial ecosystem to address the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vincular y Aprovechar Activos en Ecosistemas Empresariales para Abordar Retos y Crisis

Vincular y aprovechar activos de diversas organizaciones existentes en un ecosistema empresarial, es una práctica que puede ser empleada para apoyar a las comunidades y empresas mientras se adaptan a crisis y retos complejos. Este informe cuenta la historia de organizaciones en dos comunidades – Condado Cook, Illinois y Mesa, Arizona – y los procesos de vinculación y aprovechamiento de activos que emplearon en sus ecosistemas empresariales para abordar los efectos de la pandemia COVID-19.

WATCH: “Building a Cross-Sector Regional Coalition to Strengthen Ecosystem Collaboration.” | 54:26

Building a Cross-Sector Regional Coalition to Strengthen Ecosystem Collaboration

This brief outlines an example of the practice of building a cross-sector regional coalition to strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystem collaboration. When focused in a specific region, the practice of coalition building can help bring together disconnected and diverse stakeholders who are committed to the economic vibrancy of a common place to find a common purpose.

Construyendo Una Coalición Intersectorial Regional Para Fortalecer La Colaboración En El Ecosistema Empresarial

El siguiente informe comparte un ejemplo de la práctica de construcción de coaliciones intersectoriales regionales para fortalecer la colaboración entre ecosistemas. Cuando es enfocada en una región especifica, la construcción de coaliciones puede ayudar en reunir grupos de interés desconectados y diversos quienes están comprometidos a la vitalidad económica de un lugar en común para encontrar una meta común.