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Entrepreneurship Issue Forums

Entrepreneurship Issue Forum webinar participants

Entrepreneurship Issue Forums provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to come together to share evidence and insights on specific topics related to entrepreneurship.

Forum speakers highlight what we know from research and what this means for policy and practice. They also bring to light the experiences of entrepreneurs and those working to support them.

Please note: We host these forums to provide a platform for discussion. The Kauffman Foundation takes no political or legislative position on the discussions.

Kauffman Entrepreneurship Issue Forum: Business Incentives: What Do They Mean for Entrepreneurship? webinar

Business Incentives – What Do They Mean for Entrepreneurship?

(March 2021) Panelists discuss how business incentives affect regional entrepreneurship outcomes, where they fit within entrepreneur-led economic development strategies, and priorities for incentives in the post-COVID economy.

Entrepreneurship Issue Forum: Incarceration to Entrepreneurship

From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship for Returning Citizens: Current Landscape and Policy Considerations

(February 2021) Co-organized by the Kauffman Foundation and Rashawn Ray of the Brookings Institution, panelists discuss returning citizens and the economy – including job creation and innovation, motivations for starting a business, implications for communities, as well as policy priorities and lessons from entrepreneurship support interventions.

Kauffman Entrepreneurship Issue Forum: Immigration and Entrepreneurship webinar

Immigration and Entrepreneurship: Knowledge Landscapes

(January 2021) Panelists discuss what is known about immigration and entrepreneurs, including the economic effects of immigrant entrepreneurs, pathways and implications of entrepreneurship for immigrants, and a discussion of policy and programmatic action among and by practitioners.

Kauffman Entrepreneurship Issue Forum: The Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, and Access to Opportunity webinar

Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, and Access to Opportunity

(December 2020) Panelists discuss how technology is changing the nature of work and entrepreneurship.