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Close the Gap convening
States gathered for two days of learning and community building. ... Louis Equity in Entrepreneurship Collective, which had been awarded funding at the end of 2016. ... With entrepreneurship being responsible for most net new jobs in the United States, business starts and ... has been the easiest option – and no one calls entrepreneurship easy. ... for some context – the 2019 Inclusion Open request for proposals received 777 applications from 42 states
Productivity growth is a hot topic in the United States right now. ... Connecting entrepreneurship and productivity How does this relate to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ... The State of the Field* authors write candidly that “the discussion of productivity in entrepreneurship ... Some in the world of startups and entrepreneurship would say that little of this research describes what ... *State of the Field was archived in 2019
The state is consistently ranked among the top five states for entrepreneurial activity – see here and ...  My staff’s research on entrepreneurship has confirmed that one of the most important ingredients ... COIN is a physical and virtual network to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and cultivate relationships ...    Government can help by encouraging and celebrating entrepreneurship. ... We should continue to teach and research entrepreneurship at our universities, especially through the
Victor Hwang and Aaron North
down the highway home from Entrefest in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Victor Hwang and Aaron North, our VPs of Entrepreneurship ... Victor Hwang (V.H.): Is entrepreneurship the journey or the destination? ... they’ve created this binary definition of what is entrepreneur when in fact really it’s a state ... I still see though when someone says entrepreneurship in education and even in a crowd, like Entrefest ... long as the end goal, like I think in Iowa BIG or like Denver School of Science and Technology’s entrepreneurship
“I really want them to believe that inclusive entrepreneurship is possible, and I want that dialogue ... With an inclusive, diverse entrepreneurship ecosystem, we can really change what our cities look like ... group of 33 entrepreneurial champions, who joined us for the Kauffman Foundation’s ninth-annual State ... of Entrepreneurship Address Feb. 28 in Washington, D.C.
, an alliance of organizations that will bring the voices of entrepreneurs to policy debates at the state ... the state with a mission to make Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the country. ... challenging problems.* As members of the Entrepreneurs’ Policy Network, the organizations will: Identify state ... policies that inhibit entrepreneurship. ... Build support for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship generally.
to popular perception, entrepreneurship is not exclusive to the young and hip. ... Licensing barriers in several sectors — which exist mostly at the state and local level — also suppress ... For senior entrepreneurship, flexible labor markets are especially important. ... idea of spending forty years at one job and retiring with a gold watch is quickly fading in the United States ... called 1 Million Cups in Kansas City that has spread to more than two dozen cities across the United States
Establishment Mobility in the United States: Interstate Move-ins and Move-outs
Download the Brief Establishment Mobility in the United States: Interstate Move-ins and Move-outs | Trends ... in Entrepreneurship #12 pdf Featured highlights: In 2016, South Carolina had an interstate establishments ... move-outs.Louisiana, New York, and Alaska consistently had about twice as many establishments move out of the state ... for every establishment that moved into the state every year between 2004 and 2016.
Can entrepreneurship organizations around the world learn from each other? ... That’s the main question I asked myself before attending the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Milan ... Overall, entrepreneurship ecosystems and programs can learn from each other, but the broad lessons we ... For example, in South Korea, the government is putting $2.9 billion into entrepreneurship funds; the ... At founding, Start-Up Chile had two stated aims: to create cultural change and foster entrepreneurial
Stephan Chambers of the Skoll Foundation recently wrote a timely piece on the state of knowledge on entrepreneurship ... Problems in entrepreneurship education and training Chambers makes three great points as to why the field ... of entrepreneurship programmatic research, which creates information that can help programs, remains ... along with research from the Kauffman Foundation identify a budding crisis in entrepreneurship ... support programs (scalable program RFP), and entrepreneurship ecosystems (How to measure entrepreneurship