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of the most recent research on key topics in entrepreneurship. ... With so much information out there on entrepreneurship research, the Foundation sought to bring together ... Before State of the Field, there was no comprehensive venue for all things entrepreneurship research. ... of the Field to explore different topics in entrepreneurship research, take what you find useful, and ... *State of the Field was archived in 2019
Downloads Read: Business Dynamics Statistics Briefing: Entrepreneurship Across States pdf Entrepreneurial ... correspond closely—a simple correlation of 0.66—with a ranking of the employment growth experienced by the state ... Fast-growing states also have a high rate of dynamism. ... shows that high-entrepreneurial-activity states have both high gross job creation rates and high gross ... Measured by job churning, these states have a high degree of business dynamism.
Panel of speakers at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2016
continents to the GES, access to capital and opportunity are not the same everywhere, even within the United States ... For example, the battle to close the gender gap in entrepreneurship opportunities continues. ... State Department, conducted an interactive policy hackathon that tasked teams of entrepreneurs, investors ... State Department – the public-private partnership that is making it easier for startups to register their ... presidential impeachment in a large economy like Brazil, the unusual presidential elections in the United States
Downloads Including People of Color in the Promise of Entrepreneurship pdf Startup activity is on the ... As the United States becomes a more racially diverse country, a continued disparity in entrepreneurship ... workers, or 13 million people, are self-employed, they hold 37 percent of all wealth in the United States ... the racial disparities in both entrepreneurship rates and entrepreneurial success. ... , and exposure to entrepreneurship raises the probability of engaging in it.
Here is our anthology of posts on the subject of women and entrepreneurship. ... for research in Women’s Entrepreneurship earlier this year as a part of our New Entrepreneurial Growth ... Women of Color in Entrepreneurship: New SBO Data and What it Means for the Economy Kauffman researcher ... Kauffman researchers examine work by Sarah Thébaud on gender stereotypes in entrepreneurship. ... growth — not just in countries where the basic rights of women are a struggle, but in the United States
Entrepreneurship promotes and enhances economic independence for all people, but it may mean even more ... spectrum The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates one in 68 children in the United States ... He points to the changing economic landscape in the United States as reason why people with autism find ... Extraordinary Ventures promotes economic independence through entrepreneurship. ...  For Some with Autism, Entrepreneurship Is the Answer
Downloads Read the Entrepreneurship Policy Digest pdf An unrelenting entrepreneur disrupting an entire ... But when competition wanes and barriers to market entry increase, entrepreneurship is a first casualty ... Reinvigorating economic competition means the full benefits of entrepreneurship – from new job creation ... state policy and are under active state supervision. ... Growth Agenda.Read the rollout of the American Antitrust Institute’s project on Antitrust and Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship Issue Forum webinar participants
how the landscape is changing for entrepreneurship in the United States and what this means for policymakers ... and entrepreneurship support organizations in the months and years ahead. ... Watch the Forum Business Incentives – What Do They Mean for Entrepreneurship? ... discuss how technology is changing the nature of work and entrepreneurship. ... outcomes, and what this means for entrepreneurship support interventions.
The first blog post of a series on Native American entrepreneurship: the background, the challenges, ... This first blog post examines the current state of entrepreneurship among Native Americans. ... In the United States, Native American reservations continue to be a place of stagnated economic growth ... Because entrepreneurship is a key component to economic growth, promoting entrepreneurship among Native ... than 334 federally recognized reservations, 565 tribes, and 5.2 million Native Americans in the United States